These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Start To 2019 & They're So Ready For It

by Valerie Mesa

OK, give me a second, because I'm literally still processing the fact that we're weeks away from the year 2019, and TBH it all feels like a blur. Truth is, 2018 was a year of losses, wins, fails, falls, but these three signs will have the best start to 2019, which incase you're wondering, they've never been more prepared: Aries, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Excuse me, but WTF is time? I would also like to point out that we totally experienced the FIFA World Cup this year, too. How? When? I honestly couldn't tell you, because this year felt like five years in one, but then again, that's just me.

The year kicks off with a new moon (partial solar eclipse) in Capricorn on Jan. 5, and the following day, the cosmic rebel planet Uranus goes direct in Aries. Just so you know, the majority of the 2019 eclipses will take place in the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which means there will be a theme of dependency and sufficiency. However, on Jan. 21, there will be a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo, which represents the final wrap-up of the Leo-Aquarius eclipses. Which reminds me, did you learn your lesson? Are you finally sharing your individual truth (Leo) with the masses (Aquarius)?

The cosmos always get the job done, and just so you know, all eclipse seasons are disruptive, in some way or another. They bring significant change to the collective, and to distinct parts of our lives, depending on our cosmic footprint, aka natal chart. Next year's eclipse season will shake up the axis of structure, in both Cancer and Capricorn, teaching us the value in setting firm boundaries for ourselves. Come to think of it, the upcoming eclipses will be extra potent, given the planetary positioning. For instance, Pluto and Saturn will be in Capricorn, while the true node is in Cancer. This will be interesting for sure.

Nevertheless, here's why Aries, Virgo, and Sagittarius will have the best start to 2019:

Aries: You're Feeling Pumped

Your ruling planet Mars enters your sign on Dec. 31, and you're going from zero to a hundred, and real quick. Trust me, you haven't been feeling lethargic, moody, and passive aggressive for no reason, Aries. Mars is currently swimming in dreamy Pisces, and your secretive twelfth house of karma and behind-the-scenes work. This isn't the most exhilarating transit, so don't be surprised if you're a lot more restless than usual this Christmas season. In the meantime, take this time to reflect and prepare for all that's headed your way.

Virgo: You're Tapping Into What Makes You Unique

Are you ready to get those creative juices flowing? Well, that is precisely what this year will be about for you, Virgo. In fact, the partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on Jan. 5, will shake up your flirtatious fifth house of fun, romance, creativity, and everything that comes from the heart. In the end, there's nothing more powerful than being authentic, and speaking your truth, so do you, Virgo. That is your greatest superpower.

Sagittarius: You're On A Cosmic High

You're on another level these days, Sagittarius. Imagine, your ruling planet is back in its home sign, aka your cosmic territory, and you're being blessed by the celestial heavens as we speak. However, that's not all. There will be a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn, and your valuable second house of income, finances, self-worth, and possessions, on Jan. 5. I'm not going to lie, this could go either which way, as this area of your chart tends to shake up your security base. However, with Jupiter on your side, I see this is as a cosmic alarm clock, reminding you of your worth, despite the changes coming your way. Wake up, and smell the coffee, Sag!