These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best August & This Is Only The Beginning

by Valerie Mesa

There's so much happening in the cosmos, and to think, this is just a mini prelude of what's to come. However, let's not get too ahead of ourselves, especially since Leos, Virgos, and Libras have a really exciting month ahead. Fact, these zodiac signs will have the best August 2018 ever, and I'll explain why. In astrology, each planet has a specific purpose, and when a planet transits our zodiac sign, we feel its affects on a personal level. For example, let's look at the transits in the sky right now: The sun is currently in Leo, which also happens to be its home sign. FYI: The sun represents our ego, soul purpose, and vitality. However, when looking at it from a collective standpoint, the sun is also equivalent to the energetic theme of the season.

In Leo, the sun's energy revolves around the inner child and self-expression. Imagine, Leo is already ruled by the sun, so this only adds more attention, and flamboyant energy, to those with personal planets (i.e. ascendant, moon, mercury, mars, Venus) in this fire sign. Ha! As if they needed that extra sparkle. Leos are totally charismatic, all thanks to their ruling planet, the sun. See where I'm going with this? Same goes for Venus, Taurus and Libra's planetary ruler, and Mercury, Gemini and Virgo's ruling planet. Confused? Not to worry, I'll explain in detail.

Now, no one ever teaches you this in school, but there are more than four season in a year. In fact, there are 12 seasons, which also happen to coincide with the zodiac wheel. (Yes, astrology rules the world.) So, sit back and relax, because you can rest assured that your lucky season will come through eventually. In the meantime, here's a closer look at why these three signs are about to slay the rest of the summer:

Leo: We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

MEOW. Happy birthday, Leo babe! Admit it, this is your favorite time of the year, and chances are, you already started celebrating. Am I right? I'll be honest, it's always a celebration when you're around, but there's really something magical about your celestial season. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but you're the real reason why people grow the courage to be themselves. Your shiny charisma and contagious laughter, remind others that it's okay to embrace their inner child.

August is going to be full of surprises, and if you've been doing the work, all will workout just fine. Now, by doing the work, I mean really embracing your authentic self, and ridding yourself of what no longer serves you. The lunar eclipse in your sign, this past January, was sort of like a death of self. This was your chance to remove all obstacles and blockages, especially those that could potentially stifle your soul's growth. The solar eclipse in your sign on Aug. 11 is a new beginning for you, Leo. This is your chance to start again, and we both know that you were born to live your best life.

Virgo: You're Totally Feeling Yourself

Your solar return is right around the corner, and you're finally starting to feel like yourself again. Oh, Virgo. If only you knew the impact you have on the rest of the world. While you're stressed out, overworking yourself, and trying to make things perfect, everyone around you is too busy in awe of all that you've accomplished. You make the most difficult task seem effortless. Thanks to you, there is such thing as beauty in the process. What I mean is, it's not always the outcome that matters, it's the hard work that goes into it that really seals the deal.

August is going to be SWEET, especially since Venus, planet of love and beauty, is wrapping up in your sign, and gliding into your money zone. The goddess of love does well in this area of your chart, especially since it rules your values, income, and self-worth. This is Venus' cosmic territory, and from the looks of it, you're about to get lucky. Granted, money isn't everything, but knowing your worth sure is. Last and certainly not least, your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on Aug. 19. Finally! No more misunderstandings, and self sabotaging dialogue. You made it.

Libra: It's Your Turn To Dazzle Them

Libra, why are you so gorg? Your energy is charming, breezy as hell, and overflowing with Venusian charms. Mind you, we haven't even talked about your killer wardrobe, and bomb aesthetic. Can you PLEASE be my personal stylist? I'm actually not even kidding. Now, I know no one is perfect, but you're pretty damn close. You feel at home in relationships, and you unconsciously mirror your surroundings, which is why you're also a brilliant conversationalist. Mind sharing your fabulousness with the rest of the world?

August kicks off with your sensual ruling planet Venus on your side. The cosmic coquette enters Libra on Aug. 6, and well, you'll have the whole world eating at the palm of your hand at this point. Then again, what's new, right? The solar eclipse on Aug. 11 will bring new beginnings to your extended network, tribe, and friendship circles. Are you ready to make new BFFs? What about hosting a quaint soirée with your main girls? All I know is, everyone's gonna love you.