These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be The Hardest To Dump, Because All Your Friends Will Love Them

Imagine you start dating someone incredible, someone you can't stop thinking about. You're nervous about introducing them to your friends, but when you do, everyone in your posse falls so in love with your new S.O. that they end up becoming an instant addition to the friend group. Dream come true, right? What could possibly be wrong with this picture? Oh wait, that's right — if things go sour, breaking up with them will be a total nightmare. If this is something you really don't want to experience, you need to know that these three zodiac signs will be the hardest to dump: Pisces, Gemini, and Leo. I'm telling you, these guys will haunt you forever with their awesomeness.

For one thing, when you feel like venting about some of their negative qualities, your friends might go so far as to actually defend them. Sheesh, whose side are they even on? If you're really unlucky, your friends might even continue to hang out with them, to the point where you may never truly be able to get rid of them. You might spend eternity running into them at get-togethers. Maybe you'll never manage to date someone your friends like more! The possibilities of post-breakup torture are endless.

Pisces: They’re Just So Sickeningly Lovable

When your friends meet your Pisces S.O., they'll be instantly enchanted. Pisceans are romantic, ridiculously sweet, and their energy is pure. Your friends will be taken with their kind eyes, their imaginative perspective of the world, and their ability to make any situation easy, fun, and playful. I bet your Pisces S.O. will even help your friends through some rough times, providing a shoulder for them to cry on, and loving advice if they need it.

When you show up to gatherings without them, your friends will instantly ask why they didn't come. When your friends are going through problems, they might even text your Pisces S.O. for help before they text you. At first, you'll probably love that your friends love them so much, but when you break up, your friends will be heartbroken, too. They'll wonder: Seriously? We never get to see the Pisces again? No matter what went down between you and your Pisces, your friends will always forgive them. Annoying much?

Gemini: They’re Seriously Fun To Be Around

Your Gemini S.O. will dazzle everyone in the room with their supernatural cleverness, their extensive knowledge, and their suave flirtatiousness. Your friends will be beyond happy you brought someone so awesome into the group, and they'll never let you forget it. They'll be grateful for your Gemini S.O.'s company. You might feel like your friends have more fun with them than they do with you. Maybe you'll even start feeling like your friends have a crush on them.

If you guys break up, your friends are gonna feel like the group just got a lot more boring. When you bring a new S.O. around, they'll instantly compare them to your Gemini ex, and feel like you downgraded. There's no way your friends will be able to stop talking about them, and you'll probably hear their name spoken way too often for comfort. Ugh, just go away!

Leo: Everyone Wants To Be Friends With Them

I bet your friends already knew who your Leo S.O. was before you guys even started dating. This sign is so popular, your friends will probably be impressed you were able to convince your S.O. to date you in the first place. Leos know of all the snazzy parties, they have all the famous connections, and your friends will scramble to be around someone so freaking cool. Your Leo S.O. will take your group of friends to social stardom, introducing them to a whole new way of life. How in the world do you expect them to give that up?

Well, you can't. There's no way your friends are going to want to stop talking to them just because you guys broke up. They're potentially the most sought-after sign in all the zodiac. Even if it was totally the Leo's fault that you guys broke up, your friends will still wonder why you had to go and screw everything up. Help! Is this a nightmare?