These 3 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Work Wives, So Let's Hope They're At The Office

Let's face it: Even if you're lucky enough to be employed by your dream job, the average day at the office is rarely ever without a daily struggle. Between ripping yourself away from your cozy bed in the morning, constantly making excuses to go to the bathroom for a five minute break, and bearing the pain of a frustrating boss, it's clear that even the best kind of work is still work. However, a bad ass coworker can be your saving grace, and if you feel like interpreting your fellow employee through astrology, know that these zodiac signs make the best work wives: Libra, Virgo, and Cancer.

Now, let's not get it twisted. There's nothing sexual or romantic about a work wife. In fact, sex is great, but nothing compares to an irreplaceable work wife. They're the person you know you'd be friends with outside of the office, making it an out-of-this-world blessing that you just so happen to see them everyday at work. They entertain you through the boring hours, listen to you when you're going through a stressful time, and when they don't show up to work, you're pretty much heartbroken. It just goes to show that it's rarely ever the work itself that makes the job worth loving; it's the people you work with.

Libra: They're Incredibly Loyal And Fun To Work With

This zodiac sign rules over the seventh house of personal commitment, helping them thrive when they're invested in a mutually beneficial relationship. It basically goes without words that a Libra is almost always someone's lifesaving work wife.

Charming by nature, this cardinal air sign would never allow the office environment to get too boring or too serious. Ruled by the scales, they're all about creating harmony wherever they go, and they'll help you master that work-life balance with ease. Always willing to be a listening ear, they'll guide you through any career crisis with a solid pep talk and their unmistakable talent for diplomacy will help you navigate any problems. And, when the workplace gets to be a bit too ridiculous, a Libra is always down for a session of gossip.

Virgo: They'll Go Above And Beyond to Help You Out

Whenever work becomes way too much of a burden, your Virgo work wife will be there to save the day. Ruling over the sixth house of work and productivity with their famous eye for detail and problem solving abilities, a Virgo will help you deconstruct any dilemma and get to the root of the issue. While they're basically workplace superheroes who carry the entire office on their backs, they're always willing to lend a helping hand when you need it. Had a late night? A Virgo will notice and grab you a cup of coffee. Feeling overwhelmed? A Virgo will stay after hours to help you finish a project.

Making themselves useful simply makes this mutable earth sign feel better about themselves. If you're lucky enough to marry a Virgo at work, your job will inevitably become so much easier.

Cancer: They'll Always Be Your Shoulder To Cry On

This cardinal water sign brings the cozy feeling of home right to the office. Ruling over the fourth house of family, a Cancer wants to make the workplace a more loving and empathetic environment that's forged by loyalty.

A Cancer is the type of work wife who brings you homemade cookies, covers for you when you decide to take a long lunch, and cries with you when you're having a difficult day. You might even start to feel like you can quit on your therapist because a Cancer work wife does an even better job counseling you. They're so understanding that you might even miss them when it's time to go home. And, when they decide not to arrive for work, you can bet that you'll be texting them all day long.