These 3 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Roommates, So Find One Now

Finding a solid roommate is harder than finding a four-leaf clover. It's also, in my opinion, way luckier. I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't have a horror story about a roommate. Take it from me: I once shared a room in college with someone who hid scraps of old food beneath her bed, which I cleaned after I started to sense mold growing in my vicinity. I also had a friend whose roommate used to bring a random person home from the club to sleep over every other night, and one of those random people stole $100 from my friend's wallet. Isn't there some magical way to know whether or not someone will turn out to be your worst nightmare? Well, the best I can do is let you know that these three zodiac signs make the best roommates: Taurus, Gemini, and Libra.

Of course, while the astrological compatibility you'll have with someone in a shared living space does depend on your zodiac sign, there's just something about these guys that make them pretty reliable. If you've got a stack of applications for the second bedroom in the apartment, make sure you ask them all what their zodiac sign is. After all, the answer could be a serious deal-breaker.

Taurus: The Mom Who Makes The Best Lasagna

A Taurus is, hands-down, the best roommate you can get. This grounded earth sign is beyond reliable. You'll never have to worry about them coming up short on rent, losing the house keys, making a mess of the place, or anything like that. They're also the most talented sign in the kitchen, so you can always expect there to be mouthwatering leftovers waiting for you in the fridge when you come home late from work. Even if you set those awesome perks aside, a Taurus prides themselves on being a solid human being that treats everyone with dignity and respect. Their moral code is something all of us can stand to learn from.

The only downside to living with a Taurus is how stubborn they can be. They really do want things done their own way, and they don't like change, so if you feel like mixing things up around the house, you may be met with the angry bull. They can also be pretty uptight about their personal space and their possessions. Just make sure you don't borrow their hair dryer without asking first.

Gemini: The Friend Who Entertains For Days

This one might come as a shock to you, I know. Geminis are criticized all the time, but honestly, they're pretty fun people to live with, and one of the most socially aware signs in all the zodiac. A Gemini prides themselves on entertainment, laughter, and amiability above all things, and they never fail to provide you with a stimulating conversation. If you live with a Gemini, you can bet that you'll make a ton of new friends through them, and they'll definitely throw some elegant parties you won't forget. Another great thing is that they're not home that often! If you like having the place to yourself, a Gemini will definitely be your best option.

But be warned, Geminis can be a bit messy and disorganized. They're known for leaving that one big heap of clothes in the middle of their room and rummaging through it whenever they're getting ready. Geminis are always on the go; they just don't have time to be as clean as they'd like to be. However, if their mess encroaches on your personal space, simply let them know. They're totally receptive, and they'll pick up after themselves ASAP.

Libra: The Mediator With Great Taste

Libras navigate through controversy and disagreements with astonishing ease. What better quality is there in a person you'll be living with 24/7? It's nearly impossible to get into fights with this diplomatic sign, and when you do, they detangle each issue with grace and poise, making you wonder what got you so fired up in the first place. They're also the most aesthetically gifted sign in all the zodiac, and if you have a Libra as a roommate, you also have an interior designer on the premises at all times. Leave it to them to transform your dinky little apartment into a snazzy penthouse.

However, while Libras are excellent mediators, this quality sometimes has a downside: They're so uncomfortable with conflict that they can be majorly passive aggressive. If you do something that bothers them, they'll do something subtle and annoying to get back at you, like giving you the silent treatment. They'll never come right out and just say that they're mad at you. If you're living with a Libra, make sure you confront them when they're behaving like this, so you can have it out and move on.