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These 3 Signs Love The Mountains The Most, So Plan Your Perfect Fall Trip Now

by Valerie Mesa
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Astrology validates so many things, especially when you're familiar with the energy of each zodiac sign, its astrological element, and ruling planet. For instance, these three zodiac signs love the mountains the most: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. So I'd venture to guess your perfect fall hike would include at least one of the aforementioned trio, whether it be you or a friend.

While there's more to astrology than a zodiac sign's love for the mountains, the fact that we can figure out a specific sign's hobby so easily validates astrology even more. With that said, if you have any personal planets (sun, moon, ascendant, Mercury, or Venus) in any of the signs mentioned above, you have the element earth in your birth chart, which makes you naturally "earthy." This means you're more grounded, practical, and realistic than most. So, of course you'd be more likely to love one of nature's greatest landforms: mountains. Here, let me explain even further:

Taurus: You Like To Indulge In Nature

If there's anyone who knows the real meaning of the term, "Stop and smell the roses," it's you, Taurus. Despite your possessive nature and incredibly stubborn personality, no one can ever really top your earthy sensuality and Venusian flair.

On the contrary, your relationship with Mother Nature is like no other, and you are naturally at home when surrounded by the mountains and all things natural. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a picnic and sing along while we're at it, right? Indulging in the pleasures of life through your five senses is a must. Plus, it doesn't hurt to be surrounded by beauty all at the same time.

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Virgo: You Know The Benefits Of A Good Hike

You're always on a mission, Virgo. Fixing, critiquing, and simply being of service to others is what you do best. However, this doesn't mean you can't get in a good workout in the process, right? Truth is, it isn't difficult for you to make something useful. Making use of something in a healthy way gives you peace of mind. This is precisely why it isn't hard to see that you are such a firm believer in all the things Mother Nature has to offer, including the majestic mountains that exist in the world. Although, first thing's first: You're getting your hike on — no ifs, ands, or buts. You prefer the beauty of the process rather than the results.

Capricorn: You Don't Stop 'Til You Get To The Top

If there's anyone who knows the true value of discipline and determination, it's you Capricorn. Climbing up the mountain is your favorite pastime, and the best part is, you won't stop until you get to the top. You are a child of the wintertime, and you're always mentally preparing yourself for what's to come, similar to the way people prepare for those endless winter nights. Friends with Mother Nature? Definitely, although, similar to your sister sign, Virgo, you're not going to waste your time. Instead you prefer to think realistically, and in turn, set a goal for yourself in the process. Speaking of which, spending time in nature, preferably the cold weather, is a healthy way for you to decompress.

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