These 3 Zodiac Signs Hate Traveling, But They'll Never Tell You That

Wanderlust surrounds us wherever we go. Between the cascading sands of the Sahara desert, the crystal clear waters of Bora Bora, and the glittering beacon of European decadence that is the Eiffel Tower, these images fill our minds whenever we daydream of escaping reality. Planet Earth is filled to the brim with possibility and I think most of us agree that anchoring yourself to your hometown for the rest of your life is such a waste. But hey, let's be real here: Even though most of us can agree on the idea of traveling the world, not all of us are completely enamored with the process. In fact, these three zodiac signs hate traveling the most: Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio.

It's not that these signs don't also feel the call of adventure in their hearts. It's just that 15-hour flights, jet lag, airport security, awful weather, uncomfortable conversations with people who don't speak their language, and being bloated from all the foreign cuisine just really makes these zodiac signs more frustrated than they could ever possibly imagine. They totally get that traveling is an amazing, culturally enriching experience that they'll remember forever. But why does the process never fail to be unbearably difficult? These three zodiac signs want to know.

Cancer: Where The Hell Am I?!

Home is a Cancer's happy place, and spending a good chunk of quality time there is how they regenerate from all the stressors in life. When they leave home to explore the great beyond for an extended period of time, they go into emergency mode. A Cancer is completely overwhelmed by how the couch is nowhere near as comfy as the one at home, the Airbnb host is a total stranger, and their dog is probably undergoing emotional agony at the pet hotel. It's so much harder for them to relax in a new environment, to adapt to new surroundings and appreciate the change. No matter how much they're enjoying the trip, they'll miss everything about home, likely FaceTiming all their loved ones every day and counting down the days until it's all over.

Virgo: This Is Not Going According To Plan

A Virgo is meticulous and strategic when they travel, planning out their itinerary every day and preparing everything far in advance so they know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, life throws curveballs at you, especially when you're traveling, and things rarely ever go to plan. When a Virgo is spontaneously flung into a messy situation, they're completely capable of becoming a nervous wreck. They just need all their travel buddies to actually wake up at 7 AM sharp, the flight to take off when it was supposed to, and to not get some sort of strange stomach virus on the first day of the trip. Is that too much to ask?!

Scorpio: Why Is This So Uncomfortable?

A Scorpio is a deeply fixed sign, meaning that asking them to be flexible and open to possibility is just sometimes way too big of a request. When anything goes wrong on the trip, from a turbulent flight to the hotel room being way smaller than the photos indicated, a Scorpio may have a total meltdown and they'll let it affect everyone they're traveling with. If a Scorpio isn't having a good time, no one is. Their emotions are deep and when they're frustrated, you're about to witness an explosion of Scorpio mayhem (or at least a seriously disgruntled traveler).

Like Virgos, they're also known to prepare for disaster in advance — it's just that they're not nearly as practical about it. They're known for completely overpacking, making them lug around a giant suitcase because you never know when you'll need six-inch stiletto boots while hiking through Machu Picchu.