These 3 Zodiac Signs Always Seek Revenge, So Don't Get On Their Bad Side

When someone wrongs you, there are a few different ways to deal with it. You could confront them, distance yourself from them, ask for an apology, let it go, or even choose to move on with no hard feelings. However, you also have another option: revenge. The "R" word sends chills down our spines, conjures images of pain, terror, and torture. Sage advice has always discouraged it, claiming that revenge will never truly make you happy. It only prolongs misery. However, while forgiveness will set you free, does it serve justice? Does it punish those who deserve it? Does it settle the score? These are questions that need to be answered, and these zodiac signs will always seek revenge: Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus.

Karma is great and all, but in their opinion, karma can't always be trusted. Sometimes good people are forced suffer, and bad people? They get away with it. In these zodiac signs' minds, that is simply unacceptable. If someone chooses to betray, offend, or sabotage them, you can bet they'll be plotting their vengeance in due time. In their perspective, vengeance sends the world an important message. If you dare mess with them, they swear they'll make you pay for it.

Scorpio: They'll Make It Their Mission In Life To Destroy You

If you wrong a Scorpio, it would be wise to hire a body guard and sleep with one eye open. Revenge is a Scorpio's middle name and they choose the most painful form of vengeance imaginable.

Making sure your suffering is never-ending, humiliating, traumatic, and all-around horrible, you'll be down on your knees and pleading for forgiveness by the time they're through with you. Unfortunately, a Scorpio doesn't back down so easily. In their mind, letting you off with a slap on the wrist upsets the balance of the universe. Giving you what you deserve is only justice at work, and they're willing to take revenge to such unthinkable extremes that in the end, they should be the one apologizing. However, you're dreaming if you expect that to happen.

Capricorn: They Can't Wait To Watch You Fail

Capricorns are one of the proudest signs in all the zodiac. If you do any sort of damage to their ego, whether it's by humiliating them, betraying them, or beating them, you've set in motion a horrible chain of events that ends with you in misery.

Capricorns will nurse their grudge in private, but in order to exact their revenge, they'll put on a pleasant face that lulls you into thinking everything's totally fine. However, this is all a ruse. Behind the scenes, a Capricorn is slandering your name, sabotaging your success, and destroying your world while you remain completely oblivious. You realize what's going on when it's too late, and you can bet a Capricorn has front row seats for your annihilation. They've been campaigning for this moment for far too long to miss it.

Taurus: They'll Hold A Grudge Forever, Slowly Poisoning You With It

Even if years have passed since your transgression, a Taurus still hasn't forgotten what you did to them and they most certainly haven't forgiven you either. While some would have let what you did go by now, the grudge a Taurus holds is essentially permanent.

The revenge of a Taurus is cold, calculating, slow, and ultimately deadly. They take their time, patiently slashing away at your happiness until your misery is too deep to climb out of. While they're too pragmatic to do anything drastic to exact their revenge, they'll send so much negative energy your way that you'll eventually be broken down by their ill-wishes. Justice is unbelievably important to a Taurus. If you think you've escaped the judge's jammer, a Taurus will do whatever they can to make sure what goes around comes around.