Spring's Biggest Makeup Trends Include This MAJOR '90s Beauty Look

Good news, better news, and the best news. The good news: Spring is so close, I can smell it. The better news: Spring 2020 makeup trends are already here — and they're damn good. The best news: There really is something for everyone in the trends, no matter what your beauty skill level is.

For the past decade or so, beauty trends have swayed in one direction or the other. Years of no-makeup makeup gradually morphed into a colorful lip here and a graphic eye there, until full-on bright eyeshadow and cut creases took over. In 2020, however, beauty is becoming a lot more experimental and a lot more, well, whatever TF you want. "We've pushed the bar so far that now it's broken," celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen previously told Elite Daily of what beauty in 2020 looks like.

With beauty as a whole leaning heavily toward a "more is more" approach, however, at least for the time being, there comes the understandable worry that, to keep up with the trends, you need to be damn near close to a professional makeup artist — and that you need 100 expensive products to do it. But this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, three of the buzziest spring makeup trends for 2020 are all surprisingly easy to accomplish — and you can get all the products you need for them in one big, beautiful place.

To get the how-to scoop, Elite Daily tapped Ulta Beauty Pro Makeup Artist Deney Adam and Ulta Beauty Pro Hairstylist Pekela Riley, the masterminds behind the looks in the below photos, to break down exactly what you need to do to hop on these trends right now.

Shine Like Glass

Joshua Aronson

The glass skin trend — skin so dewy and soft, it mimics the reflective appearance of glass — originated as a Korean beauty trend in the early 2010s and swiftly boomed across the global beauty space not long after. Glass skin is achievable for any skin type because, at its core, it's more about a commitment to skincare with products meant to enhance the skin's natural glow over anything else.

Of course, a "commitment to skincare" doesn't look the same for everyone, particularly for people like me who can't commit to over 10 steps for anything. However, Adam says you can achieve a glass skin look in just three. For the glowy look above, he started with Ulta Beauty's Youthful Glow Primer Serum ($18, Ulta), a non-greasy, moisturizing option to prep the skin. "I love this product, as it doubles as a primer and serum [and] is packed with skin-loving ingredients and vitamins to promote a natural, healthy-looking glow," he says.

Joshua Aronson

Adam then applied Ulta Beauty's Effortless Effect Foundation ($16, Ulta), which may seem counterintuitive at first (isn't this supposed to be about skincare?), but just a little bit of this foundation goes hard on evening out skin tone to mimic the smooth surface of glass. Instead of a normal foundation brush or sponge, Adam used a blush brush. "The blush brush as the applicator gives more control of how much foundation you use while blending easier than a foundation brush."

For that final touch of truly glass-like shine, Adam swiped on just a touch of NYX Professional Makeup's High Glass Illuminating Powder ($12, Ulta), again, to enhance the skin's natural glow in those areas. With these steps, you, too, can achieve a look that combines all the softness and coverage of a light layer of foundation with that glorious "I just finished my skincare routine" glow.

Like Neon Lights

Joshua Aronson

Neon makeup is The Next Big Thing. The SS20 runway beauty at Christian Siriano, Chromat, and several other fashion houses proved it. Hell, Euphoria proved it the minute Jules popped up on the screen. While a bright, bold neon makeup look might seem scary, time-consuming, and like you need to have gone to makeup school for, like, 30 years, I can confidently say it's the most fun of all the trends. Why? Because you get to throw the rules out the window and play — with colors, with shapes, with anything. "There is no right or wrong way on how you choose your placement and colors," says Adam. "Just remember to have fun."

Joshua Aronson

Starting with a clean, matte base (an option if you prefer the eye makeup to pop on its own) Adam picked the brightest colors possible on BH Cosmetics' Take Me Back to Brazil 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette ($20, Ulta), a fun, Carnival-inspired palette. "Using a wet blending brush to minimize fall out, I applied the lightest blue shade from the palette all over the lid from lash to brow bone, tapping down the brush over the top of the color to maximize the intensity," he says. "Next, I applied the brightest green hue onto the crease of the eyelid, starting from the inner corner to outer corner of the eye. For a smooth application, I used a pencil brush to ensure the placement was visible and to avoid the green blending in with the blue color."

Keeping with the colorful theme, Adam then applied a purple liner with a wet angled brush before adding the ever-trendy ColourPop BFF Mascara in Pink Inc ($8, Ulta) to "to make the purple pop." With a quick swipe of Ulta Beauty's Stay Cheeky Liquid Blush ($12, Ulta) to add some dimension to the rest of the face and a bright lip to seal the deal, this look screams, "I am undeniably the pinnacle of fun, creativity, and beauty expertise. I am also great at parties." Who doesn't want that label?

Rock On

Joshua Aronson

If you miss the grunge-y vibes of the early '90s, rest assured Courtney Love and Winona Ryder's messy glam is back and better than ever. And no, you do not (and for the love of God, should not) need to sleep in a full glam for several days to achieve this look. In fact, the process is simpler than you think.

"When working with a strong or smoky eye, you want to be careful not to overdo it, as too much makeup can have the opposite effect," says Adam. "I always opt for a clean base and neutral lip to help balance out a dramatic eye." This clean base came courtesy of Ulta Beauty's Poreless Face Primer ($13, Ulta) and the Effortless Effect Foundation ($16, Ulta), as well as Tarte Cosmetics' Shape Tape Concealer ($27, Ulta) under the eyes and Benefit Cosmetics' Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder ($30, Ulta) in the hollows of the cheeks.

Joshua Aronson

Now, because a heavy smoky eye comes with severe potential for fallout, Adam first used MAC Cosmetics' Paint Pot in Groundwork ($22, Ulta), which offers a strong base for shadow to stick to and makes way for stellar color pay off. For the ultimate smokey shadow, Adam used KKW Beauty's Smokey Volume I Eyeshadow Palette ($30, Ulta) and started by applying a charcoal-colored shadow all over the lid with a medium-sized eyeshadow brush. "Gradually blend the shadow starting from the inner eye outward until the desired shape and intensity is achieved," he says. "You’ll want to take this part slow as to avoid going too dark."

Adam then lined the eye with the same charcoal shade but used a damp smokey eyeshadow brush, so the color would appear darker. A few coats of Tarte Cosmetics' Maneater Mascara ($23, Ulta) brought glam definition to this otherwise grunge-y look, and Ulta Beauty's honey-nude Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in Sunstone ($9, Ulta) topped it all off. "Believe it or not, the color you use on your lips can make or break a smoky eye look, so a good rule of thumb is to always keep it neutral," says Adam.

Of course, these spring makeup trends are only the building blocks for a wealth of fresh, vivid, and glam iterations of these looks and so much more. Ready your brushes and your palettes, because it's time to play.