Here Are 3 Elizabeth Warren Halloween Costume Ideas To Make A Statement

Scott Eisen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I know it's hard to believe, but the 2020 presidential election is just over a year away, making the spookiest night of 2019 the perfect time to get creative and make a timely political statement while supporting your candidate of choice. Case in point: if you've got a certain Massachusetts candidate at the top of your list, these Elizabeth Warren Halloween 2019 costume ideas are a fun way to get started while giving a nod to your political affiliations. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas that'll make it so easy to show your support for your preferred presidential frontrunner this Halloween.

Now that the presidential race is heating up and the fourth Democratic debate is scheduled to air this month with twelve candidates including Warren facing off against each other at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, Halloween night is the perfect time to make a bold statement, let your views be known, and potentially start a discourse about Warren's policies with your friends or acquaintances. Whether you're attending a political-themed costume party or you just want a look that stands out from the crowd, keep scrolling for three ideas that are an easy way to pay tribute to the outspoken Massachusetts Senator this Halloween.

1. "I Have a Plan For That"

Considering that the lawmaker has recently been gaining momentum by making policy proposals her brand and a way to stand out amidst her fellow Democratic peers, one of the best ways to emulate Warren is by paying homage to her trademark tagline: "I have a plan for that."

You can either make a DIY version or head to the candidate's website to purchase one of her shirts with the slogan on it for around $30. The best part is that this choice also has the added benefit of supporting her campaign's fundraising. I'd suggest pairing the look with a blazer and some horn-rimmed glasses for the ultimate Warren-esque look.

2. Elizabeth Warren's Selfie Lines

It's no secret that Warren is already shaping up to be the selfie queen of the 2020 presidential race, sometimes spending hours after her events snapping photos with her supporters. If you want to highlight the candidate's social media prowess with an extra-easy costume, I'd recommend pulling a Beyoncé and printing out a cardboard frame of an Instagram selfie with Warren's face of it.

3. An "Elizabeth Warren Called Me!" Meme

The "Elizabeth Warren called me" Twitter meme became a thing back in May when numerous supporters took to the social media platform to reveal that the politician was personally calling them to thank them for their backing. To replicate this in costume form, I'd recommend getting a T-shirt printed with some of the many tweets from fans who couldn't help freaking out when the politician called them.

Again, these are just a few of the many ways that you can emulate Warren this Halloween, but they're a good place to start if you're looking for a costume that's both timely and easy.