These Halloween Makeup ideas Are Prime Looks For Last-Minute Costumes

SrdjanPav/E+/Getty Images

Makeup is always a great way to throw together a last-minute costume or put the cherry on top of your Halloween outfit. And this year, with many celebrations taking place over Zoom or involving a mask, it may be more necessary than ever to really lock down your Halloween beat. If you're feeling lost in a sea of MUA-level Instagram posts and hundreds of thousands of YouTube tutorials, just take a second to check out a ton of must-try Halloween 2020 makeup trends. You can do these, no matter your skill level.

Beyond the fact that Halloween-inspired beauty looks are perfect for getting you into the spooky mood, they're also a great way to affordably dress up. Rather than spend too much on a costume you'll only wear once or twice before donating, you can use the makeup you have on hand to create an attention-grabbing look. No same-day shipping costs for you this year!

With Halloween pretty much as near as it can get, you're probably starting to feel the scramble. But as long as you have a little bit of time and some makeup, you can kill it on a gruesome, creepy, or simply stunning Halloween 2020 beauty look that'll leave everyone screaming.

Comic Book Character

You can turn your face into a 2D character, and all you need is eyeliner in any color you happen to have. To get the look, you only need to trace over your basic facial features in a thick line with eyeliner after putting on your base.


To top off a witchy look or use as a stand-alone look, Nikkietutorials proves how easy it is to turn your eyes into little spiderwebs. A felt-tip eyeliner pen is the way to go to get one-swipe, sharp lines. To make things super spooky, you can turn your mouth into a spider with Tarra Hunter's tutorial.

A Third Eye

In such uncertain times, it can be nice to imagine you have a third eye to help guide you through the chaos. This is also a great makeup look because you can wear anything in your closet with this, and you'll still be in costume. You'll get all the compliments for pulling off what looks to be a super complex guise, without actually needing to put in too much work.

The Burn Book from Mean Girls

If you have a steady enough hand, this Burn Book look is not as hard as it seems. In fact, a few mistakes on the lettering will sell the scrapbook-vibe even more. Mean Girls is just as iconic now as it was when it came out in 2004, and going as the Burn Book is an unexpected twist.


For those who like to go for the scares, you can recreate everyone's favorite (or, well, least favorite) spooky clown. While you may think Pennywise is old news, the simplicity of creating an It look makes it a go-to. You just need to draw red eyeliner from the corners of your lips to just over your eyebrows and bam! You're good to float.

Boo-tiful Full-Face

Hauntingly beautiful is what comes to mind when taking in Alexis Symone's ghostly look above. You won't lose your costume when you put on a mask, and your ghosts don't have to be perfect for the makeup to translate.

Pumpkin Head

A full costume is not a necessity for getting into the Halloween mood. From a movie marathon with your pod or a little look to complement your festive mask, Sofia Hernandez' pumpkin eyeshadow look is definitely the move.


While the Cullens don't have fangs, that doesn't mean you can't bring back the retro imagery with a more classic Halloween vampire costume. Rather than spend your night continually taking out your plastic teeth so people can understand you, you can just follow MAC's steps to fabricate some vampire lips.

Watermelon Sugar

I think it's safe to say that everyone wishes they were the watermelon in Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar" music video. Janelle Wayland posted a vibrant, detailed tutorial that will give you fruity, summer realness.

Off-White Quotes

Virgil Abloh has made Off-White into a household name, and you can recreate that brand's instantly recognizable style with some cheeky labeling and quotes. You can lean into all your hype beast love this Halloween.