These Chic Festival Beauty Trends Are All Surprisingly Wearable

by Stephanie Montes
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's something about going to music festivals that makes me feel like I can be at my boldest with my hair and makeup. Whether it be the inevitable, endless stream of Instagram photos that are sure to come, or the anything-goes vibe floating through the sound waves, buying iridescent shimmer, chunky glitter, full-on crystal embellishments — you name it — I want to wear it. But as quickly as the dust settles, my hair and makeup looks are washed away, not to be see again until next year's festival season.

However, this lineup of 2019 festival beauty trends isn't just cool for a weekend in the desert (albeit a very long weekend). This year is all about chic takes on classic festive looks, all of which are wearable IRL, while still being perfect for the 'Gram at the festival and beyond. Ahead, find the must-try, festival-approved beauty trends that will make you look like a headliner on and off the festival fields, — no wristband needed.

A Touch Of Sparkle

Over the last couple of years, face jewels have become glitzier and more over the top — and let's get one thing clear: They're not going anywhere anytime soon. While a full-on bedazzled face has become nothing to flinch at these days, a few strategically placed crystals will have an even greater impact than head-to-toe gemstones, honestly.

To get the look, strategically place tiny rhinestones using a dab of eyelash glue in places you want to highlight (think: inner corners of your eyes, cheekbones, or on your eyelids). When the light catches at certain angles in between your best dance moves, your face will have just the right amount of sparkle.

Clusters Of Hair Clips

What is it about festival season that makes us want to douse our hair in glitter? While covering your braids, space buns, and deep side parts in mounds of sparkles sounds great in theory, the aftermath of clogging your drain, using a month's worth of shampoo, and pulling your hair out in an effort to comb through your tangled tresses just doesn't seem worth it. Instead, turn to clusters of rhinestone-covered hair clips and pins to sparkle under the desert sun. Your 'do will still look Insta-worthy, but without the mess.

One-Color Wonder

Rather than toting your entire collection of eyeshadow palettes to the desert this year, take just a few single pigments in bright hues that can be worn on your lids one at a time. Peep this video below for a super simple step-by-step on the look.

Neon Stands

Why should color be limited to just your makeup? You hair deserves to bask in the glory of a bright pop of color, too. And thanks to the commitment-free options like hair clips and colored hair sprays, you can wear the trend without the damage. Give your braids, ponytails, and space buns an element of surprise via a neon stripe or dip-dyed ends.

Remember, just because festival season is the best time of the year to go balls to the wall with your beauty look, doesn't mean taking a less-is-more approach won't get you just as far. And thankfully, whatever you invest in to pull off these trends will serve you far after the dust has settled.