2019 Boot Trends Are All Over The Place & You're Definitely Going To Want Them All

You probably just bought a new pair of boots for this winter, which makes the fact that I'm already covering 2019 boot trends probably feel a bit nuts. But as they say, preparation is key, so why not get a head start on next year's wardrobe and become your most stylish version of yourself ever? Luckily, many of the boot trends that are currently defining peak footwear cool are set to carry over into spring and summer style, so you might already own a few on the list. If not, there's no better excuse to treat yourself to a little shopping spree. 'Tis the season to be generous to those you love, and you should be your own number one. (Was that convincing?)

From cowboy and hiking-inspired styles to those boasting a vintage flair, the boots that will ground 2019 style truly run the gamut. Check them out below and shop a few styles for each.

Way Out West

Cowboy boots were huge in 2018 and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. While traditional styles like those you might see at your State Fair will certainly do (they look great with flowy maxi dresses), more stylized iterations might fit with your aesthetic a bit more seamlessly.

The Great Outdoors

Hiking boots, of all things, were hugely inspirational to designers this year, who sent their take on the chunky and durable style down countless runways. As someone who lives in Dr. Martens boots during the winter, this is a trend I can get with. I love the giant treads and cool edge it's defined by, and how it's perfect for snowy winter days.

That's Rich

Luxurious fabrics like satin, suede, and velvet will continue to take shape in boot form. This trend is definitely one that's perfect for the holidays, but that's not to say it can't be properly styled for ward weather looks either.

Tall Order

Over-the-knee boots will never not be cool. They look incredible with every mini skirt on earth and also pair well with skinny jeans and maxi dresses, specifically those with high slits. (Did you see Michelle Obama's thigh-high gold Balenciaga boots?!) Whether flat or heeled, they're the ultimate bold boot.

Animal Instinct

Yes, animal print will continue to dominate fashion into 2019, including within the footwear category. From snakeskin to leopard, tiger to zebra, wild patterns aren't going anywhere. Printed boots are an awesome way to make an otherwise bland outfit pop, so buy yourself a pair you love and rock them whenever you're feeling in need of some sartorial inspiration.

Way Back When

Seeing as patchwork dresses and crochet items are on the rise, it makes sense that vintage prairie style shoes would be, too. The lace-up, pointy toed styles boast some old school charm but have gotten upgrades like patent or velvet finishes to render them thoroughly modern.

Which style is your weakness?