These 17 Tweets About Pride 2020 Honor History & Celebrate Creativity

PixelsEffect/E+/Getty Images

This year, Pride Month wasn't exactly what the LGBTQ+ community is used to. The coronavirus pandemic made the beloved rituals of dressing up, turning up, and having a gay ol' time with friends impossible in the traditional sense. But queer people are innovative and resilient — we're always finding ways to finesse life in our favor, and these tweets about Pride 2020 show there was still plenty of glitter, glowing self-acceptance, and rebellious spirit to go around. The sparkly group selfies and and gay-club flexes made their way online and became at-home, Pride-themed photoshoots and virtual events instead. While some LGBTQ+ people opted to post their queer aesthetics on social media, others turned to history — learning more about it, and engaging with their friends and family members so that everyone can be more informed.

Coupled with the rise of 2020's Black Lives Matter protests, many in the queer community felt called to honor their identities through activism. Pride was born from anti-police riots, after all. The first Pride march in 1970 wouldn't have happened without the leadership of Black trans icons like Marsha P. Johnson. The parallels between 1970 and 2020 haven't been lost on people, which — along with queer folks' joy and snatched makeup — is reflected in the following tweets about Pride 2020.

Black Queer Lives Matter

Say it with me: "Black trans lives matter."

Who Could Be Mad At Queer Baked Goods?

Let's replace rainbow cake with buttery, queer croissants.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Thanks to quarantine, mirror selfies have been elevated to an art.

Look How Far We've Come

Supreme Court-backed anti-discrimination protection in the workplace and the end of solitary confinement in New York City jails (following the death of Layleen Polanco) are a few wins that the LGBTQ+ community can celebrate this year.

Reminder To Celebrate Pride Everyday

Pride is a journey, and always something to be celebrated.

Eyes On The Prize

One of the coolest things about the LGBTQ+ community is that there's a flag (and color palette, essentially) for every identity.

Stonewall Was A Rebellion

"May we never forget and may we never stop fighting just like those nights of the Stonewall Riots," tweeted writer and activist Raquel Willis.

In Quarantine, Find Joy Where You Can

Often, that looks like hosting a virtual dance party with your friends.

9. White Allies For Queer Black Lives

If you're going to attend a protest in 2020, come correct with rainbow-print face masks.

Pride Is Intersectional, Period

The burden of queer Black people is great, but 2020 has also pushed queer Black folks to the forefront.

A Black History Deep Dive

The Black Curriculum, an organization that champions Black history in British schools, celebrated Pride with a thread on Black British queer historical figures.

A Flex On The Haters

Because love conquers all.

Hands Up, Don't Shoot

Pride is bigger than the parade, and we can't forget that in 2021.

Love Is Love Is Love

To quote queer icon Harry Styles, "Treat people with kindness."

This Historic Time Is Affecting Everyone

Sometimes, the solitude of quarantine is actually nurturing.

Pride Is Joy In The Face Of Hate

Sometimes, the revolution looks like vogueing and death-dropping in front of a line of cops.

Pride Is Chosen Family & Your Quarantine Crew

Even in the pandemic, you can still dress up and look fly AF with your friends, as long as you wear masks and practice social distancing.

These tweets are proof that Pride season was far from a bust. In some ways, 2020 laid the groundwork for queer people to get in touch with themselves, celebrate their identities in a personal, nurturing way, and champion intersectionality, not just during Pride, but all year round.