These simple Zoom backgrounds will help you refresh your video chat vibe.

These Simple Zoom Backgrounds Will Totally Refresh Your Video Chat Vibe


Sometimes you want a Zoom background to match your mood or set the tone for your virtual calls. If you're looking for something with a clean aesthetic, there are plenty of options to choose from. From monochromatic looks to simple color palettes, these 17 simple Zoom backgrounds will bring a refreshing vibe to your calls.

After the much-celebrated end of 2020, you're likely taking a break from sourcing festive holiday backgrounds and want to chill on your next Zoom call. Thankfully, January brings a bit of reprieve from the busy backgrounds, so before you start pulling up heart-filled images for Valentine's Day, it's time to swap out the noise for something much less attention-grabbing. There are plenty of laid-back options to choose from, whether it's a simple color contrast like pink and yellow or a white backdrop with some greenery.

Most of these simple backgrounds for Zoom come from royalty-free image services such as Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash. To use them, download the image to your computer. If it's from a blog, you'll need to right-click on the image to save. Once you've downloaded your chosen background, open Zoom and click Settings > Backgrounds & Filters. From there, tap the plus sign (+) on the virtual background tab to upload your image.

This list isn't exhaustive, but here are some simple background choices to get you started.

1. Clean Office

This simple background includes a minimalistic desk, a black canvas on the wall, and a gray, marbled look to the room.

2. Fresh Flowers

This pretty background for Zoom features fresh white flowers on a white marble table top.

3. Black And White Line Art

This background from Pixabay features a pretty black and white line art of women and men's profiles.

4. Blue And Pink Marbling

This background with blue and pink marbling looks chic and clean, with clear color divisions and blends.

Anni Roenkae/Pexels

5. Pink, Blue, And Purple Paint Swirl

This background from Pexels looks like a fresh canvas that's been painted with vivid pink, blue, and purple for a simple art-inspired look.

6. Succulent

Video chat with a background of a potted succulent with a clean white pot and surroundings.

7. Tree Branch

This background of a tree captures pretty light through a close-up of sparse branches.

8. Banana

If you're looking for a simple Zoom background with a pop of color, this pink photo with a yellow banana is quietly stylish.

9. Plant And Camera Lens

This background from Unsplash features a white table with a plant with a terracotta pot and a black camera lens.

Dan Gold/Unsplash

10. Spiral Staircase

This background for Zoom features a white-railed spiral staircase and wooden stairs with tranquil lighting.

11. Clouds And Mountains

Cloudy skies and the peaks of mountaintops shine in blue and white shades win this simple background for Zoom.

12. Yellow Wall

Call from a yellow plaster wall and some flowers with this background from Unsplash.

13. Marbled Pink

This simple aesthetic background features a few shades of pink bleeding together in a marbled pattern.

14. Blurred Pastels

This background for Zoom is a stylish blurred image with pastel orange and purple.

15. Oranges

This monochromatic orange background features a pattern of orange halves and shadowing.

Wendy Wei/Pexels

16. Beams Of Sunlight

This photo background with beams of sunlight through blinds casts a luminous glow on the floor.

17. Books

This simple Zoom backdrop features white marble and books in front of a beige wall.