11 Women Reveal The Last Text Their Partner Sent Them, & It's Pretty Sweet

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Anyone who reads the texts I receive from my husband would probably be pretty confused. He has, well... creative nicknames for me and rarely uses the same one twice. (The last three things my SO has called me via text: lumps, shoobie, and gorgeous gumdrop.) He sends me snippets of conversations he overhears, things our dog did that I missed, and lots of pictures of corgi butts. To test my theory that other couples are just as weird as we are, I rounded up texts women received from their significant others, and now I know for sure that — though they might make zero sense to anyone else — texts from an SO can really brighten the day of the person receiving them.

Like most couples, my husband and I don't spend every waking minute of the day together. That's why texting an SO throughout the day is a perfect way to figure out plans, check in on each other, and simply make each other laugh with GIFs, articles, and inside jokes. I asked some women to share the last text they received from their partner, and the responses ranged from totally sweet to hilariously bizarre. Check it out for yourself, below.

This Considerate Tip
My boyfriend and I always used to send ‘good morning’ texts when we lived in different apartments, and since we moved in together earlier this year, it’s been a running joke to keep up that text. After that, he texted me about his friend’s massage recommendation, since I have chronic back pain that’s been flaring up lately. So obviously, my last text to him was to thank him for the recommendation! It means a lot to me that he’s helping me deal with this.

— Hannah, 26

This Magical Movie Suggestion
My husband and I are planning our Friday night date night! We're staying in to watch a movie but aren't sure what to watch. Can't go wrong with some magic!

— Tina, 26

This Enthusiastic Dinner Decision
So this is what being married for two months looks like.

— Tori, 25

This Curious Foodie
Welp, after over a decade together, my husband and my text convos are basically comprised of pics of our food, where we are and when we're coming home. The pasta was from The Little Beet Table, a restaurant which he had recommended a day or two prior.

— Kaitlin, 30

This Sweet Reminder
Miles [my boyfriend] used to work for the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. When he left the job, his bosses gave him a gift card to a place that does helicopter tours of the city. It was actually before we started dating! It was amazing.

— Rachel, 25

This Playful Rapport
My boyfriend and I were out at a bar after work and decided to play darts. We're a super competitive couple and always bicker over who is better at games. I beat him the first five games in a row (originally we were doing best out of three, but that turned into five and then somehow escalated to 11). I demolished him in the last game, so I won six of the 11. If we aren't going home together, we always text when the other person gets home so we know they're home safe, and that's when he sent this text.

— Melanie, 28

This Doctor Dilemma
Dating a doctor (and being a nurse myself) means I get lots of patient updates (though all kept totally anonymous, obviously).

— Danielle, 25

This Gaming Couple
[My fiancé and I] were playing a video game (single player) the night before, taking turns, and every time I played, the game kept lagging — though it never lagged for him — and he joked I was just bad. (In fairness, I am.) We don't text much throughout the workday, but while he was at lunch he saw an article that said the particular game we were playing was experiencing glitches for a lot of people.

— Megan, 28

This Traffic Report
My boyfriend has a long commute, so I always appreciate when he lets me know he's arrived safely (even if his commute is totally mundane).

— Ashley, 24

This Puppy Pick-Me-Up
My job will often involve reading a whole lot of depressing news, so my boyfriend will send me photos of our dog being cute or having a good time on his afternoon walk to give me something a little positive and brighten my spirits. It works!

— Lilli

This Honest Admission
My partner went out with his coworkers last night to celebrate his new job (yay!) and had one too many beers. This was the last text I got from him.

— Iman, 24

If you're missing your SO today, check in with a text. Whether it's as mundane as "How is your day?" or as simple as a silly emoji, they'll appreciate knowing that you're thinking about them.

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