These Items From Pottery Barn's Harry Potter Line Will Magically Spruce Up Your Room

Even though I haven't been a student for quite a while now, I will never forget how challenging it was to transition into a new semester at school. Swapping free summer evenings for nights in the library was beyond daunting, and moving in can be straight-up hellacious. Luckily, popular home decor brand Pottery Barn just came out with a brand-new line of items, which are guaranteed to make the start of the new school year positively enchanting. So, if you want this fall semester to be more spell-binding than ever, these 10 items from Pottery Barn's Harry Potter line should definitely do the trick. You don't even need to be headed back to university to add some of these Potter-themed home goods to your pad.

Thanks to the new Harry Potter home line at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and PBteen that dropped on Friday, Aug. 31, per Hello Giggles, you can begin this semester with Potter-themed dorm accessories to really get you motivated. TBH, sometimes I actually dreaded going back to school up until I'd go back-to-school shopping. With these mature (and seriously awesome) HP-themed additions to your dorm room this year, you'll feel magical, brave, and ready for yet another year at Hogwarts (or whichever wizarding school you got into, I suppose). In all honesty, you'll definitely outshine Malfoy with any one of these glorious back-to-school necessities, which also happen to be perfect for any design refresh this fall.

Patronus Damask Duvet Cover & Sham, Mystic Mint
PB Teen

Patronus Damask Duvet Cover & Sham, Mystic Mint, $30-$149, PBteen

Even the lightest of sleepers can sleep soundly, when they're guarded by a crew of mystical Patronuses on their bed. Covered in stags, owls, and Hippogriffs, this soft mint-green cotton duvet cover is guaranteed to ward off any and all dementors in sight.

Enchanted Night Sky Sheet Set
PB Teen

Harry Potter Enchanted Night Sky Sheet Set, $33 – $149, PBteen

Finding cute sheets for dorm Twin XL beds can be wicked hard, but I guess that's where the sorcery of PB Teen comes into play. These Enchanted Night Sky sheets sport gold owls and celestial stars, they're super soft, and they're also available in sizes for regular twin, full, queen, and king mattresses.

Luna Sentiment Pillow Cover
PB Teen

Luna Sentiment Pillow Cover, $36, PBteen

Everyone's a little strange sometimes, and this velvety Luna Lovegood pillow is a solid reminder of that. It's super cozy and machine washable, so it's a definite must-have any for and all Ravenclaw-lovin' wizards.

Marauder's Map Towel Set
PB Teen

Marauder's Map Towel Set, $60, PBteen

As long as you solemnly swear you're up to no good, these soft HP Towels embroidered with the bewitching Marauder's Map will keep you warm and dry — and they'll obviously keep all of that mischief managed.

Hedwig Beanbag
Pottery Barn Kids

Hedwig Beanbag, $279, Pottery Barn Kids

Studying for the OWLs just got way more fun with this super soft Hedwig Beanbag. It's light enough to carry from place to place, or perfect for storing under your bed to use later.

House Crest Tumblers, Set Of 4
Pottery Barn

House Crest Tumblers, Set Of 4, $48, Pottery Barn

Regardless if you're a true blue Ravenclaw, a cunning Slytherin, a loyal Hufflepuff, or a brave Gryffindor, this glassware is irresistible for knocking back some Butterbeer in the dorm. The best part is that they're totally BPA free and dishwasher safe. TBH, these would make a great addition to any kitchen.

Golden Snitch Snackbowl
Pottery Barn

Golden Snitch Snack Bowl, $40, Pottery Barn

Whether you're celebrating a hard week with friends, or if you're kicking back and Netflixing the day away, a Golden Snitch Snack Bowl caters to any and all munching needs. It may not fly on its own, but it'll definitely make any any dorm room just a little more enchanting.

Slytherin Adult Apron

Slytherin Adult Apron, $40, William-Sonoma

If the extent of your college cooking does, in fact, go beyond frozen pizza and microwavable ramen, snag any one of the four Hogwarts house aprons. You'll whip up something positively spellbinding with one of these babies — I just know it.

Ravenclaw Backpack
Pottery Barn Kids

Ravenclaw Backpack, $63, Pottery Barn Kids

Maybe you're trekking through the Forbidden Forest, or you're meeting with a few of your mates at The Three Broomsticks after class. Either way, you'll need a bag to lug all your books, potions, and Quidditch gear, and this'll definitely do the trick. This bewitching backpack comes in all four house themes, so pick your favorite and wear it proud.

Harry Potter Damask Water Bottle
Pottery Barn Kids

Harry Potter Damask Water Bottle, $23, Pottery Barn Kids

Staying hydrated is important, especially when you're traveling by broomstick, studying for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and possibly running away from a stray ogre. This Harry Potter Damask water bottle is honestly really pretty, and it's a subtle shout-out to your fave book series.

Getting motivated to go back to school can be tough, but some sweet HP gear will definitely get you ready for a magical semester. Trust me — it'll be bloody amazing.