These 1-Sentence Demi Album Recaps Will Get You Pumped For Her Comeback

Kevin Mazur/BBMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of pop's brightest stars has been staging a comeback for nearly a year now, and fans are getting anxious waiting so long. The queen's latest era is already in progress, and these 1-sentence Demi Lovato album recaps will only get you more excited for all the music that's to come. From her early pop-rock Disney days to her EDM-influenced bops of the late 2010s, Demi has a discography that's unmatched and it's about time the world gave her props.

Demi's 2008 album debut came on the heels of her role as Mitchie in the immensely popular DCOM Camp Rock, so she had the world ready to buy as many CDs as they could get their hands on, flooding the stands to see her in concert as a supporting act for the Jonas Brothers. As time went on, however, she carved out her own lane, separate from any boy band or headliner. The "Skyscraper" singer became a headliner, focusing intensely on her craft while navigating the highs and lows of fame in her lyrics. She was unapologetic, but more importantly, honest with her fans.

For what it's worth, many of Demi's hits still maintain the same power today as they did when they first erupted on the scene. Her post-Disney Channel albums still concentrated on the aspects of pop music that her listeners loved, but her tone and songwriting matured along with her fans over the years. Get ready to relive all of the nostalgia and all of the major tunes with these recaps. Turn the stereo all the way up.

Don't Forget (2008)

Demi's debut to the Disney Channel audience didn't hold back; the then 16-year-old singer made brave statements about the throes of Hollywood, the trappings of fame, and what it truly meant for her to "make it big," over soft-rock guitar riffs that were totally infectious, to her new fans.

Here We Go Again (2009)

A reinvigorated Demi, hot off touring with the Jonas Brothers and reaching new heights of stardom, lets her listeners know she's here to stay with the same attitude and catchy choruses that made fans fall in love with her in the first place.

Unbroken (2011)

Demi's emotional post-rehab sonic essay to the world took listeners by storm, captivating them with each and every note — the star is building herself back to a starting point, fearless in the face of media criticism and early social media trolls mocking issues like eating disorders and substance abuse.

Demi (2013)

Her self-titled album was an introduction to Demi as a hitmaker, one who could harness collaboration as a tool for her own personal growth, giving the finger to her family-friendly past and preparing to pen her own pop-star story.

Confident (2015)

Demi's fifth album is aptly named, straight out of the Disney recording scene, because every hit is truly confidently written, produced, and engineered; "Cool for the Summer" aside, her flirtation with dance-pop blew critics and fans away, paving the way ahead for continued success and top-charting tracks.

Tell Me You Love Me (2017)

A fully-realized star in her own right, Demi further pushed the boundaries of her prior pop sound into territory that would blow the average listener's speakers out — and she's not sorry about it, either.