The 'Younger' Season 6 Premiere Date Was Just Revealed, Along With A Big Liza Tease

by Dylan Kickham
TV Land

The wait for new episodes of Younger is almost over, and it sounds like the upcoming season will deliver a whole new dynamic to the age-defying dramedy series. After the fifth season of Younger ended with a string of cliffhangers last August, the Season 6 premiere promises to be a big one, which will answer all of our pressing questions. And now we know when the new season is coming. The Younger Season 6 premiere date was just revealed in a new video featuring the main cast of the show, and it is coming very soon.

Fans have been waiting for a new season of Younger since Season 5 ended with a bunch of big question marks. To refresh your memory, in the last season finale, Charles and Liza's affair was exposed and threatened to ruin a major investment that would save Empirical from going bankrupt. Thinking quick, Charles managed to save the investment by stepping away from the publishing company and promoting Kelsey to take his place as publisher, which also makes her Millennial Imprint the new flagship brand instead of Empirical. So things are looking up for Kelsey, and it seemed like this would be a good move for Charles and Liza as well, given that they no longer need to hide their relationship at work, but the season ended with both of them looking disappointed. Oh, and on top of all that, Josh's green-card wife Clare reveals that she's pregnant... although it has yet to be confirmed if Josh is the father or not.

Got all that? Good, because TV Land also released a brief summary of how Season 6 will kick off. The premiere episode will focus on Kelsey's much more powerful new job, and on Liza and Charles adjusting to their "new normal" now that they are no longer working together and have no more secrets to keep.

In Season 6, Kelsey is leaning into her new role as publisher at the freshly minted Millennial Print, while Liza and Charles get acclimated to their new normal now that Charles is no longer running the business.

Hmm, something about that makes it sound like Liza and Charles are not going to be too happy with what their relationship is like after that major career shift for both of them. Thankfully, fans only have to wait a couple of months to see what is going on for themselves. The Younger cast revealed in a new video that the show will return for Season 6 on Wednesday, June 12.

This announcement came just a week after TV Land revealed that it will be continuing to air Younger into the foreseeable future. Shortly after Season 5 ended, Viacom announced that Younger would be moved from its home on TV Land to its sister channel Paramount Network, but the media company reversed its decision in early April, affirming that the series will remain on TV Land.

Season 6 of Younger will premiere on TV Land on Wednesday, June 12.