The Worm Moon Might Affect Your Relationships & Here's Why

by Valerie Mesa

Happy spring equinox! We are now officially in Aries season, aka the first chapter of the astrological new year, which means today is not just another ordinary day. Are you ready to spring forward, stargazers? To top it off, the Worm Moon 2019 will illuminate the sky tonight, and in the whimsical sign of Libra. However, before we discuss the energy of the full moon, you're probably wondering where the name "worm moon" comes from, and well... I'll give you a hint: the spring season is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, so can you guess where the worm comes from?

For those of you who don't know, Native Americans tribes created names for the full moons in order to recognize the rhythm of the seasons. Interesting, huh? These are the moments when you realize how important it is to know where you came from. According to, the "Full Worm Moon" derived from the essence of spring, given that it is the time of year when the ground softens, and the earthworm reappears just in time for the robins and birds to feed. As you know, tonight's Worm Moon is taking place on the same day as the spring equinox, and this hasn't happened in almost 40 years.

Anyhoo, here's everything you need to know about tonight's Worm Moon:

Full Moon Magic

The phases of the moon are as mysterious as they are magical. Truth is, the rhythm of the moon could never miss a beat, and when utilized correctly, each phase is one step closer to making our dreams become reality. On that note, when the moon reaches its peak during the full moon phase, the intentions we set during the new moon can finally come to fruition. This moon phase is a representation of harvest, and spiritual completion.

Now, aside from its beauty and majesty, I personally believe the full moon phase is similar to a celebration, given that it is a culmination from the heavens. Speaking of which, think back to the new moon in October 2018. Where were you? What were you working towards? Have you reached your goal? This is your cosmic culmination, so feel free to reap all that you've sown.

Full Moon In Libra

The full moon in Libra, aka the Worm Moon, will light up the sky tonight Mar. 20 at exactly 9:43 p.m. ET. As you know, full moons are a call for balance, and when the moon is full, it is sitting directly opposite the sun. For instance, today's the first day of Aries season, so the sun is in Aries. Libra, however, is Aries' polar opposite, which means they sit directly across from each other on the zodiac wheel. In astrology, Aries and Libra are located on the same astrological axis, as it represents the "me" versus "we" dynamic. Anyway, make sure you keep this in mind when reflecting on your full moon journey.

On that note, this lunation will be influenced by a number of tricky aspects: The sun and the moon’s planetary ruler (Mars and Venus) will be making a square to one another, which in turn creates tension amongst the masculine and feminine energies. For instance, Mars is asserting itself through reliable Taurus, while Venus breaks the rules in rebellious Aquarius. As you can see, neither of these energies are in harmony with one another; hence relationship themes will be very prominent during this time.

Meanwhile, Mercury (communication) is sitting next to Neptune (illusions), and is still retrograde (re-examining) in Pisces, which means some of us might very well re-visit past relationship issues, or perhaps notice history repeating itself. Although, with Uranus' (rebellion) recent shift into Taurus, it's impossible to unsee what has already been seen... so what happens next? One thing's for sure: This full moon is a deal breaker, for better or for worse. In the meantime, reflect on the following:

  • What's changed in regard to your relationships and general relatability since October 2018?
  • What area of your life needs balance, or perhaps mutual compromise?

I am wishing you all a blessed equinox, and a magical full moon!