We Need To Break Down The 'Westworld' Season 3 Post Credit Scene ASAP

by Ani Bundel

Westworld Season 3 came to an end with another supersized episode, running an extra 15 minutes. For those who were expecting a wild twist finish, the finale was surprisingly straightforward. There were no multiverses, no timeline chicanery, no perspective-bending realizations. But just because Westworld's foray into the real world has kept things surprisingly real doesn't mean the show didn't have a few finishing flourishes. The Westworld Season 3 finale post-credit scene, for instance, brought together two characters fans might not have expected and killed off a long time fan-favorite. Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 3 follow.

Going into the finale, William, AKA the Man In Black, seemed to have a revelation that he would be a hero, and undo the one mistake he'd made in his life. Unfortunately, that was not to save the hosts he'd created but kill them, murdering them all in cold blood, not unlike Serac. He started the finale by shooting Stubbs in the chest before escaping Bernard's wrath. He followed it up by heading to one of the highest-end bars in Los Angeles and drinking a $20k bottle of whiskey as he warned the surviving board members he had a plan.

As the credits rolled, this seemed like where William's story would leave it this season. But as the post-credit scene began, the Man in Black marches into Delos Headquarters. He starts behaving in the same off-his-rocker way that helped Charlotte get him declared incompetent and locked away in the first place, yelling about host takeovers, evil robots, and shooting any security member that might stop him. As he takes the elevator down to the Research facility, it seemed like his plan to destroy what remained of the hosts was unstoppable.


But when he arrived, William was confronted by an unexpected figure: Charlotte. The former Dolori reconstructed her body after the car explosion, save for an arm covered in burn marks to remind her. She also became her own woman, declaring independence from Dolores Prime.

William was wary of Charlotte from the first, unsure of whether to believe her story of no longer answering to Dolores. But Charlotte seemed to be on his side, even as he pointed a gun at her head. "You're right, William, you are going to save the world," she told him.

"For us."

Then from behind her, a new version of The Man in Black emerged. It was a host version, built from all William's worst impulses within the park. But unlike the real William, whose therapy led him to decide to kill all the hosts, this one was programmed to fight for host kind. William stood no chance against his alter-ego built from his ugliest nature. Within minutes, he was dead, and Charlotte had the "Head of Delos" on her side as she began to rebuild all that Serac has destroyed.

On the one hand, the death of the real William was inevitable the moment he turned against host-kind. With Dolores gone, at least until someone rebuilds her, Westworld's first couple has exited the show together, leaving behind a war for others to carry on.