You Won't Be Able To Wait For The New 'Westworld' Season After Watching This Trailer

by Alexandra Svokos

The Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 4, brought the world more than just an excuse to eat dips. It also brought the world a ton of new things to get excited for via the commercials, like the second season of Westworld. And Westworld's Season 2 Super Bowl commercial will have you on the edge of your seat — even if you weren't a fan for the first season. According to a press release, the show is coming back for 10 episodes on Sunday, April 22.

It's been a while since the first season ended, so fans of the show (like me!) have had a long time to stew on what will happen when Westworld finally comes back this spring. The end of the first season set the show up for a total reset, which of course only made the anticipation grow. So, let's do a quick recap in case you totally forgot (I know I did at this point).

So, the show is all about a place called Westworld, which is like a super virtual reality playground game. For the world there are robots who were built to be like humans to play with in the game. But, NATURALLY, when you build human-like robots, you should expect they'll become way too human and things will get weird.

And thus, Season 1 ended with Maeve, Hector, and Armistice messing some stuff up and killing a bunch of presumably real humans in an effort to escape Westworld and enter the real world. Meanwhile, we also got the revelation that — OH BOY! — we had been watching two separate time lines from the past and future for our heroine Dolores and the Man in Black/William.

Alright, got that all set in your mind? Well, here's the trailer for Season 2:

The first season of Westworld aired in fall 2016, so it's been well over a year since we've been back with our friends in the hyped up virtual reality world. Season 1 left us fans with so many questions to answer, and hopefully the second season will answer more questions than it'll create (PLEASE!).

For me, I'm mostly interested to see if we'll get to learn about the other worlds that are out there, like Samurai World. Westworld, if you didn't catch the drift, is a virtual reality world like the American Wild West. Samurai World, as the name suggests, is all about old Japan, and that could be such an awesome addition to the show.

But yes, of course, I know, Westworld is about a whole lot more than just "wow look at those cool costumes." The show speaks to the core of humanity, asking what it is that makes us conscious, free-willed people — as well as what monstrous things people will do when they think there are no consequences. (And, uh, the costumes are really cool.) So, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about those ~deep~ questions. But mostly I just want to know how much more of Maeve we'll be seeing, because I love her and she's amazing.

The Season 2 trailer itself was actually a bit of technical history. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Westworld ad was the first Super Bowl ad HBO has made in 20 years, so that shows how much they want to hype you up for the upcoming season. But I wouldn't look too deeply into the trailer (although I know Westworld fans love to look way too deeply into everything), because according to EW, some of the footage from the trailer may be exclusive to the trailer — so it won't actually be part of what we see in the new season. Still, at least now you've got some new clues to dig into. Happy theorizing!