The Weeknd’s Zodiac Sign Makes Him An Independent Partner

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The Weeknd is one of those artists who are as hard to pin down as they're impossible to look away from. He definitely keeps his fans on their toes with his often-surprising artistic expression. He's also enigmatic and unpredictable, which makes sense when you consider The Weeknd’s zodiac sign. Fans already know what The Weeknd's like as an artist and performer, but what about as a partner? He's certainly had his share of public relationship drama. But there's a difference between what's out in the open and what goes down behind closed doors. One way to get a peek at what it's like to be romanced by The Weeknd is to consider what his zodiac sign says about him as a partner.

The Weeknd was born Feb. 16, 1990 under the sign of Aquarius. If you are familiar with Aquarius, you already know that nothing this sign does is conventional. They blaze their own trail based on what feels right for them and aren't concerned what other people think about them. That's true in their relationships as well. Aquarius is very independent and rarely ever in any kind of rush to settle down. If anything, this air sign likes to take it slow and keep their options open until they know for sure that someone's right for them. At that point, they may close the deal quickly, seemingly out of nowhere. Here’s what else we can surmise about The Weeknd as a partner, based on his zodiac sign.

Settling down can be tricky for Aquarius.

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Like all the air signs, Aquarius has a reputation for being a bit of a flirt. They can talk to just about anyone and their unique personality makes them very intriguing and appealing to others. As a result, Aquarius has no trouble finding romantic partners. The issue is finding the right romantic partner. They need someone who not only gets them for who they are and makes them feel seen, but who also won't try to change them or take issue with their eccentricities. They also need to understand Aquarius’ independent spirit and give them room and freedom to be themselves. All this makes them a bit reluctant to make relationships official and fully commit. It may take a while to get there, but there's no rushing Aquarius.

They're passionate and uninhibited lovers.

One of the best things about Aquarius is how uninhibited they are, both in life and in bed. They're passionate and straightforward about what they like and aren't shy about it. They're also open to experimentation and curious about learning what pleases their partners most. It's hard to shock an Aquarius, so it's easy to be open with them, all of which leads to great sex. While Aquarius can certainly have sex without love or emotional attachment, when they do experience that with a partner they care deeply for, they do feel especially connected in the bedroom.

They want a true partnership.

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Aquarius tends to be emotionally reserved, but don't let that fool you into thinking they don't want love just as much as any other sign. It's not about big mushy romantic gestures for them, however. They're seeking a true partner and equal. They want someone who stimulates them as much on an intellectual level as a physical one. Once you have their heart, Aquarius is also very loyal. While they don't like drama, they'll stick things out and work through issues rather than avoid conflict or jumping ship (like their fellow air signs tend to do). They'll stand by their partner through the hard times because the relationship is built on a foundation of friendship first.

What does all this mean when it comes to The Weeknd as a partner? Well, as with all Aquarians, the answer is to expect the unexpected.