This Iconic Car From Your Childhood M.A.S.H. Games Will Be Discontinued After 2019

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I'll be completely honest, I'm not a major car enthusiast, but I do have a small selection of "dream vehicles." I absolutely love convertibles, for example, I'm a total sucker for anything that's wood-paneled, and most importantly, I've always been dying to own a teeny tiny VW Bug — they're cute, retro, and so, so photogenic. Unfortunately, though, the reputably tiny car won't be around for much longer. In fact, the Volkswagen Beetle will be discontinued after 2019, and it's a blow to "Bug" lovers everywhere. And to be completely honest, I'm so heartbroken.

In the auto industry, consumer preferences are always changing (and apparently it doesn't matter if the car getting the boot was the one of your childhood dreams). As of 2018, according to USA Today, car owners are all about spacious SUVs and crossovers. That is why Volkswagen officially decided to discontinue its Volkswagen Beetle in 2019, after nearly eight decades on the market. In fact, back in 2017, according to Business Insider, Volkswagen only sold 15,000 Beetles in the U.S., which was an indicator of a shrinking "audience," per the publication. So, it might not come as a surprise that the car which first came on the market in 1938, will bid adieu to the auto world after next year. Nowadays, the renowned cars are only selling to middle-aged women, according to The Los Angeles Times. Auto analyst and car historian, John Wolkonowicz, explained this phenomena due to the fact the car market is simply "moving on."

According to The Los Angeles Times, Wolkonowicz said:

The market is moving on. The people who wanted them, mostly baby boomer women, bought them, enjoyed them, and they’re on to something else. Younger people don’t know what the point is.

Well, as someone who knows absolutely nothing about cars, I do happen to know the point of the VW Bug. It's cute, you guys. The VW Bug was always my number one car choice in M.A.S.H. (you know, "Mansion, apartment, house, shack." The '90s fortunate-telling game where you find out every single detail about your entire future). Plus, now I'll have way fewer chances to pull the ol' "Punch-buggy, no punch-backs" move when a mint green or bright red VW Beetle drives down the road.

UGH, whatever. My childhood is officially ruined, and all of you car-buyers out there are the ones to blame for it. Shame on you. OK, maybe I'm being too harsh, but I wanted that Bug, you guys!

Anyway, contrary to Wolkonowicz's notion that "younger people don't know what the point is," many VW Bug enthusiasts in the Twitterverse are so upset about the discontinuation of the iconic car. You can see the Twittersphere's distraught reactions, below — people are not pleased.

I really feel for all of you.

Anyway, the Volkswagen Beetle actually has an extensive amount of history in the realm of cars. According to Business Insider, they were first manufactured in Germany in the '30s, but they gained an immense amount of popularity in the U.S. in the '60s. Their popularity increase eventually inspired VW to built its first North American plant in Puebla, Mexico, and from then on, the cars became more and more ubiquitous.

Well, you guys. It's definitely a sad year for the auto industry. The Volkswagen Bug is officially biting the dust, and to be completely honest, I don't know what to do with myself. The VW Bug is adorable; it's extremely historical; and it'll forever be my dream car. For real, it's a shame to see them go. Long live the VW Bug... TBH, Herbie would be so disappointed.