The New 'Vogue' Air Jordan Sneakers Are Still Nike, But Make It ~High Fashun~

Courtesy of Nike

When I think of high fashion, I think of Vogue, and when I think of Vogue, I think of fancy gowns and high heeled shoes. This time around, however, the iconic fashion magazine is partnering up for something a bit more casual. The Vogue x Nike Air Jordan collaboration is seriously the most #fashun sneaker ever.

The limited-edition Jordan shoes are an official partnership with Vogue magazine, and the book's iconic editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, played a major role in the design. Vogue has revealed that Wintour's signature stamp of approval when editing articles is the acronym "AWOK," which stands for "Anna Wintour OK." In layman's terms, getting an AWOK is basically being blessed by the high priestess of fashion. So not only do the sneakers prominently feature the Vogue logo, but they also have the "AWOK," literally, as it's written on the bottom of the shoes. In addition to the two logos, the sneakers also feature Vogue's signature shade of red, and Wintour's favored fabric of tweed.

The collaboration includes four different Air Jordan redesigns and marks the first time these shoes have been specifically designed for women. One style from the collab was released earlier this year, and the next drop comes on Sept. 7. — the remaining two will be announced later on this fall. So get in, ladies, we're going sneaker shopping.

Nike AJ1 High Zip AWOK

Courtesy of Nike

The first release for this partnership was the AJ1 High Zip AWOK in red and white. The high-top style sneakers have a zip closure and a detachable Vogue keychain.

Couresty of Nike

The white version of these kicks is particularly chic because when you pull down the zipper it reveals a contrasting red tongue with "AWOK" embroidered onto it.

Couresty of Nike

"AWOK" is also printed on the outer sole of each shoe. These designs were super popular and, unfortunately, are sold out at the original retail price. If you're really craving a pair though, it seems they're being resold via Stadium Goods.

Nike Air Jordan 3 SE AWOK

Courtesy of Nike

The second drop in this historical collaboration are two pairs of Air Jordan 3s. Vogue reports that the shoes are "nods to [Wintour's] signature Chanel tweed suits and sunglasses — the top is cut from glimmering black or red tweed."

Courtesy of Nike

The shoes each come with a removable Vogue keychain, or you can leave it on to maintain the shoes' collector's item status.

Courtesy of Nike

The Jordans also both feature the "AWOK" at the heel, in Wintour's own handwriting. This black shoe is meant to resemble Wintour's signature oversized black sunglasses.

She's rarely seen without them.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anna Wintour in a tweed suit and sunglasses is the most Anna Wintour thing I've ever seen.

Vogue even showed model Jourdan Dunn rocking the new styles with a fancy AF Valentino gown. So don't be afraid to wear these high fashion sneakers with your fancy threads.

Both the red and black Air Jordan 3 SE AWOKs will be available for purchase on Sept. 7 at Hirshleifers, Kith, and the Nordstrom x Nike online boutique.