Kim K Went Sledding With Paris Hilton In Heels At The Kardashian Christmas Eve Party

by Hollee Actman Becker
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With Kim K and Kanye West taking over for Kris Jenner as hosts of the annual Kardashian Christmas party this year, we knew that whatever they had planned for the big night was going to be major. Like, John Legend performing songs off his Christmas album major. Which totally happened, by the way, because of course it did. You know what else happened? Kimye made it snow! Or faux snow, anyway. They turned the West residence into a legit winter wonderland, and this video of Kim Kardashian sledding with Paris Hilton is for real the Christmas gift I didn't even know I needed! So endless thanks to Kanye for posting it on Twitter.

"You guys, Paris and I are going to go down the sled!" Kim announced, while holding hands with Hilton, who was dancing around while decked out in heels and a festive red dress.

"Let’s do it!" Hilton then yelled as Kim dragged her off to go grab a plastic sled for the two of them to share.

I don't know if "go down the sled" is an actual phrase or not — I think she means "go down the hill on a sled"? — but Kim looked as excited as, well, a kid on Christmas Eve to go do it in her gorgeous white gown, so I'm just gonna roll with it.


I mean, she really looks so happy, doesn't she? Sadly, we didn't get to actually see her "go down the sled," because Kanye's video cut out. Such a bummer! Luckily, Kim posted a short clip of herself on the sled with Hilton over on Snapchat.

She also shared this video of 'Ye himself taking a turn:

Um, did he just knock someone over?

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian got her sled on, too:

This looks like so much fun. I totally want to try it now, don't you?

Here's another video of the white Christmas that Kim posted on Twitter just prior to all the festivities:

So beautiful!

And the adults weren't the only ones who got in on all the action. Kim took her five-year-old daughter North for a ride on the leftover man-made snow on Christmas day.

So cute. And I'm kind of obsessed with that naughty/nice shirt. Think I could get one for Christmas? Please?

Meanwhile, Hilton wasn't the only A-lister at the party, of course. There was Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Sia; Dave Chapelle, Tyler the Creator, Kimora Lee Simmons, and John Legend, who gifted the crowd with a live performance of "All of Me," plus a bunch of other songs off his Christmas album.

I mean, is this whole event just way over the top? Well, duh! But I love the fact that Kimye went all out for their first-ever Kar-Jenner Christmas party. Way to set the bar super high, fam! I don't know how on earth they plan to top this for next year's bash, but I seriously can't wait to see them try.