Kate Middleton Revealed An Item That "Makes Her Feel Good" That'll Melt Your Heart

by Jamie LeeLo
Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I don't know why Kate Middleton won't adopt me. I keep asking! The Duchess of Cambridge is the shiniest example of someone I'd like to raise me. (Sorry, Mom and Dad. You're second to royalty.) She embodies grace, kindness, charisma, and has proven she's able to talk to anyone from anywhere. One of my favorite examples of this is how she is able to connect with children. She recently popped by a school where students were asked to bring in something that makes them smile. The video of Kate Middleton revealing an item that "makes her feel good" is so heartwarming, but it would be. That's kind of her thing.

The royal Fab Four — Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle — have all shown an invested interest in mental health. Kate is actually the Patron of Place2Be, a leading UK children's mental health charity that offers in-school support on emotional and mental wellbeing. According to their website, Place2Be has implemented programs for students and their families, teachers, and school staff. (Take a hint, America.)

On the morning of Feb 5., Kate popped by the Lavender Primary School during Place2Be's Children's Mental Health Week to hang out with the children and participate in their activities. That particular day, students were asked to bring something to school that makes them feel good. Of course, Kate participated in the activity too. Now, imagine all of the things that could make a duchess feel good. Perhaps one of the crown jewels? Maybe a candlestick made out of pure gold? Her horse and carriage? Cupcakes? While these are all good guesses, Kate opted for something simple and sweet.

In one video, you can clearly see Kate's feel-good item, which is a photo of her family. Her husband, Prince William, and their children George, Charlotte, and Louis are all featured in an old school 5x7 loose print laying on the table in front of her.

Kensington Palace tweeted the video with the caption:

With Year 2 Teacher Ms Monk The Duchess of Cambridge joins pupils sharing objects which represent something that makes them feel good… The Duchess of Cambridge brought with her a photograph of her family to share with the class. #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek

Kensington Palace went on to tweet about some of the other activities students and staff participated in, including a food diary exercise designed to pinpoint the relationship between food and mood, a "mood meter" in which students can plot how they're feeling that day, and something called a Random Acts of Kindness club, which seems pretty self-explanatory. Kate also sat in on an art class and, later, a roundtable discussion with teachers where they talked about student readiness and teacher wellbeing.

Honestly, it sounds like maybe the best day at school!

Fans and followers are loving Kate's support just as much as they're loving her "feel good" object. In scanning my apartment now, I'd have to take in my dog Linda, sweat pants, my Netflix account to watch The Great British Baking Show, and I guess a photo of my family, too.