Jenna Dewan Taught Jimmy Fallon Some 'Step Up'-Worthy Dance Moves That Are So Nostalgic

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenna Dewan is a master of dance, which is why she’s a host on World of Dance alongside some of the music world's greats like Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough. But when she’s not judging the dancing talent of others, she’s teaching non-dancers how to, well, dance. Take Jimmy Fallon, for example. The late night host was Dewan’s latest student and they two made a rather hilarious pair. The video of Jenna Dewan teaching Jimmy Fallon dance moves made lots of people just a little bit nostalgic for the eighties.

During a Tuesday, June 26 appearance on The Tonight Show, Dewan took it upon herself to give Fallon a few dancing tips. In Dewan’s estimation, Fallon was really good at doing a body roll, but needed to up the ante on his dance moves. So, naturally she suggested some of the toughest choreography in pop culture history: Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation.”

Here’s how Dewan proposed the dance lesson to Fallon:

I felt like you really nailed the body roll, so I think it's time to up the difficulty level a little bit. Do you feel like doing 'Rhythm Nation' with me?

Fallon obliged, of course, but the impromptu lesson wasn’t without its difficulties. Fallon had a bit of a hard time keeping up and in step with Dewan. Have a look at how it all played out:

I’d say that went pretty well! The band was killing it and Fallon wasn’t doing too bad himself. That choreography is definitely complex, so it’s no wonder Fallon wasn’t pick it up as fast as you’d expect. But Dewan did a great job teaching him the moves!

In addition to teaching Fallon how to dance to “Rhythm Nation,” Dewan also explained that her five-year-old daughter, Everly (whose father is Channing Tatum), really wants to be a dancer. She’s just desperate to be a professional ballerina, but she isn’t exactly keen on taking lessons. As Dewan puts it:

So Everly, she wants to be a professional ballerina. She has stated this, but — there's a but — she doesn't want to follow the teacher at all.

Ah, so Everly is a little rebel! Maybe she just has natural dancing skills like her parents and is just waiting for her time to shine.

Whatever Everly’s situation is, Dewan made it clear to Fallon that she’s not like the other girls in her ballet class:

All the other girls are perfectly watching the teacher and she's, like, ready for Coachella. She's off in the corner and she's like feeling herself.

Too cute! Dewan also explained that little Everly is dead-set on becoming a ballerina, no matter what other options her mom suggests.

She's free spirited. I'm like 'What about freestyling? That'd be cool.' And she's like, 'No, no. Professional ballerina.' But she literally doesn't follow the class at all.

It sounds like Everly just knows what she wants. Everly has shown her passion for dance in a variety of ways already... like interrupting her mom’s rehearsal. Dewan posted a cute video of the incident on Instagram back in October 2017:

There was also a bit of mommy-daughter dancing going on in 2016 when Dewan announced on Insta that their household was a Beyhive household (whose isn’t at this point, right?):

Clearly, Everly has the music in her just like her mom and dad. If you recall, Dewan and Tatum initially met on the set up the 2006 film Step Up. They went on to fall in love and welcome Everly into the world. So, it's really sweet that Everly is passionate about dancing and seems to be following in their footsteps.