Cardi B Had The Most Epic Reaction To Her Wardrobe Malfunction At Bonnaroo

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B is my hero for many reasons, but her latest IDGAF move has really put her ahead of all other hero competition. The reason why is because of this video of Cardi B performing in a bathrobe at Bonnaroo.

On Sunday night, the New York-based lyricist hit the stage in her usual style of show-stopping garb. This time, a bejewled chevron-patterned catsuit. It looked amazing, but reportedly had one major drawback. It couldn't survive a high-energy set from Cardi B which ended up in a total blunder of a wardrobe malfunction. The rapper bounced back like the boss that she is, however.

Here's what went down: According to the Tennessean, Cardi B's outfit ripped just a few songs into her set.

“I just wanna let y’all know that my outfit ripped,” she told festival-goers before leaving the stage entirely to slip into something more manageable, aka, a bathrobe.

“We gonna keep it moving, baby,” she said. “We gonna keep it sexy. I don’t know how in this (expletive) robe, but we gonna do it!”

And that she did. In this video captured by a fan, Cardi performs like a champ — unbothered by her on-the-fly bathrobe wardrobe.

Fans were very impressed by her dedication. One fan tweeted, "I already had mad respect for @iamcardib, but somehow have even more?" and another tweeted, "our bathrobe queen @iamcardib before and after tearing a little bit of her outfit during her bonnaroo set."

One user also pointed out the fact that while bathrobes aren't ideal for performances in hot, festival weather: "Poor Cardi B man. Her outfit ripped at the show and she had to wear this fluffy robe in 90-degree humid ass weather. She's real as fuck for finishing the set with a sweaty weave lmao."

Cardi handled the malfunction like a pro. However, this isn't the first time she's dealt with a wardrobe issue. In May, it was rumored that fans could see all of Cardi's "cookie" at the Billboard Awards in a sexy photo taken of her with beau Offset. The 26-year-old performer put those rumors to bed in a now-deleted video where she explained the difference between her extra junk in the trunk creating the illusion of her "kitty."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“Y’all motherf*ckers going around with this f*cking picture Photoshopping it even more like, ‘Oh Cardi p*ssy, Cardi p*ssy,’” the rapper said heatedly. “First of all, that ain’t my p*ssy. My p*ssy right here. This where I birthed my daughter from.”

“This right here, the part that shows when I go like this, that’s just my *ss. You know when you got a fat *ss. That sh*t gets fat right here," she added.

There's no doubt that the mother of one is quite in touch with her body. At the end of May, she also admitted to canceling shows because she needed rest and time to recover from breast augmentation and liposuction in an Instagram live session.

“Listen, I do whatever the fuck I want to do with my body,” she said. "I’m canceling millions of dollars in shows, but like, health is wealth so I have to do what I have to do," she added.

I heard that. If there's anything to learn from my hero, it's she does her and you do you. Okurrrrrr!