BTS' 'Britain's Got Talent' Performance Will Make You Fall Even Deeper In Luv


Another day, another timezone for the BTS ARMY to keep track of. As a New York City-based ARMY, back in April, when the boys were in Korea promoting their new single "Boy With Luv" on the Korean music show circuit, I found myself waking up at 4 a.m. on a daily basis to catch the boys' latest performance live because of the 13-hours-ahead time difference. Then they hopped a flight to LA in May to start their Speak Yourself world tour and they were all the sudden only three-hours behind me. But now, the boys are in England, where it's five hours ahead — which means all their performances are now going down smack-dab in the middle of my workday. Like I said: Just another day in the life of an ARMY. But this video of BTS' Britain's Got Talent performance of "Boy With Luv" made all the time-zone angst worth it.

I, like most ARMYs, really need to know how BTS manages to function like normal human beings when they have to straddle so many different time zones. I typically become an entire waste of space if I go to sleep half-an-hour late, while BTS is casually out here jet-setting all around the world with barely a day's worth of time to calibrate to whatever time zone they've just hopped into before they're due on stage for their next epic performance.

For example, BTS was just in Brazil wrapping up the Latin American leg of their Speak Yourself tour on May 25 and 26, but now, on May 29, they're all the way across the pond in Britain. They hit the stage on Britain's Got Talent to blow their British ARMYs' minds with another epic performance — totally unbothered by jet lag (like, how?).

Fans lucky enough to snag tickets to the live show were tweeting about the performance before it even went down, sharing updates with their fellow ARMYs following along online. Like this photo of the stage crew setting up the boys' "Boy With Luv" stage, which consisted of a ton of lamp posts like the ones seen in their music video for the song.

Then, Britain's Got Talent shared a sneak peek of BTS' outfits for the occasion on Twitter — dapper AF suits in a ton of different pastel colors.

By the time the performance finally started, fans were bloody pumped. And it was well worth the wait! Check out the performance below:

As you can see, BTS killed it, as usual.

At the end, Jin even hugged one of the hosts and gifted him with his now-iconic "Boy With Luv" rose.

I know I've seen the boys do this same performance about 12 million times at this point, but somehow, it feels different and even more amazing every time? Make it make sense!

Things definitely won't be slowing down for BTS any time soon. They'll kick off a historic weekend as the first K-Pop act to perform at Wembley Stadium in London on June 1. The performance will even be streamed worldwide via their VLIVE so that you can feel like you're right there with them, all for the pretty reasonable price of about $30.

Just make sure you tune in at the right time for your time zone! *wink, wink* Cheerio!