Ariana Had The Funniest Reaction To Her Mom Being On Set For Her "Boyfriend" Kiss Scene


Ariana Grande is back to releasing new music, and her "Boyfriend" single with music duo Social House is her latest bop. Since the Thank U, Next era (which was basically five minutes ago), Grande has been releasing behind-the-scenes videos documenting the creation of her music videos, and the video of Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster filming the "Boyfriend" kissing scene is definitely not a moment you would want your mother to see. But Joan Grande was there, and Grande had a hilarious reaction to her mom being around when she had to make out intensely with Foster. Sorry, Mom!

The "Boyfriend" music video is all about what it looks like in our heads to be jealous of someone. Grande and Foster play a pair who are super into each other but, for whatever reason, aren't together. So color Grande green with envy when she sees Foster flirting with other women at a party. In another moment inspired by Mean Girls, Grande pounces on the first woman as if she's an animal attacking prey. As for the next woman she sees Foster flirting with, she goes all Katniss Everdeen on her ass and shoots her hand with a bow and arrow. At another point, Foster rips the heart out of a guy Grande is flirting with. Charles "Scootie" Anderson, the other half of Social House, stands by and watches in shock as all these crazy antics go down.

All of these scenes are obviously just imagined moments in the minds of Grande and Foster's characters as they watch each other flirt with other people, then they go make out in a bathroom and destroy the room while they're at it. It's... a lot! But it makes for a hilarious (and all too relatable) video.

Naturally, it made fans wonder if Grande and Foster were dating in real life. The Blast and People reported that they are, but neither Grande nor Foster has commented on the rumors, so take reports of their "relationship" with a grain of salt. Elite Daily previously reached out for comment on Grande and Foster's relationship status, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Plus, the footage of the making of the makeout scene shows Grande feeling hella awkward that she and Foster actually had to make out, considering she had invited her mom to tag along with her to set. She says in the video that she thought the scene would be them going into a bathroom stall, implying that they were hooking up in there without actually having to kiss. Turns out, director Hannah Lux Davis (who also directed the "Thank U, Next" and "7 Rings" videos) wanted a much more intense scene.

The moment starts around the 2:30 mark.

"Do we make out the whole time? 'Cause my mom's here," Grande laughs in the video.

"I mean, my mom, I have to ask her to leave. That's insane," Grande adds. "I begged her to come here. I told her it'd be so fun." Oops! Looks like what Grande and Mama Joan thought would be a fun day on set turned out to be NSFM (Not Safe For Mom).

The rest of the behind-the-scenes video shows Grande, Foster, and Anderson going stir crazy on set as the shoot presses on, but they clearly had a blast making the video. And based on how that makeout scene turned out, it really doesn't seem like they had the hardest time getting that done... the steamy chemistry jumped out!