These New "Toning" Dry Shampoos Have A 2,000-Person Waitlist, But You'll Want To Get In Line

by Stephanie Montes
verbproducts on Instagram

I've never really been the type to use dry shampoo. It's not that I have my washing routine on lock (because I don't), I just don't really love how my hair looks or feels after I spray it on my roots. But the description of the upcoming Verb dry shampoo is making me think that I should be number 2,001 on the product's very long waiting list.

Because I have super dark hair naturally, dry shampoo almost always leaves that white, powdery residue on my roots. I've tried a few different versions of the product (powder, spray, foam) and none look quite right. It looks like dandruff, which looks much worse than greasy roots. I know so many blondes that swear by dry shampoo — they literally keep cans of it in their cars, purses, at their desk, everywhere — but as much as I want to like it, the lifesaving product doesn't do it for me or my dark hair.

While I felt lonely on the planet of beauty junkies who don't love dry shampoo, apparently other brunettes dealt with the same struggles as me, Hair brand Verb thought of a solution — one so good that over 2,000 people can't wait to get their hands on.

The brand new Gentle Cleanse + Style Extender + Light Volume Dry Shampoo formula is an aerosol version of Verb's Dry Shampoo Powder ($16, Verb Products). The original is loaded with tapioca starch to absorb oils and impurities, and glycerin to soften hair. Though I've never tried it for myself, I have so many friends and fellow beauty editors that swear by the powder formula, but I think an aerosol version only makes sense. Spraying the product on your roots rather than spilling it on sounds much more user-friendly.

Verb announced the launch on their Instagram with the caption, "Who loves our OG powder Dry Shampoo? 🙋‍♀️💕Take a look at our stories to see what the aerosol Dry Shampoo Light & Dry Shampoo Dark are all about 💕 Which one is for you?"

Verb's Dry Shampoo Powder, $16, Verb Products

So aside from dropping the cult-favorite formula into a spray can, the brand also is releasing two shades of their new dry shampoo. It will be available in the shades For Dark Hair and For Light Hair, which is music to my hears (and my dark roots). While the concept of dark-colored dry shampoos isn't exactly news, Verb added a tint to each shade that makes your hair color pop. The Gentle Cleanse + Style Extender + Light Volume For Light Hair has a purple hint to it that helps counteract brassiness (think: that purple shampoo you love so much, without having to actually wash your hair). The Gentle Cleanse + Style Extender + Light Volume For Dark Hair boasts just the right medium-brown color designed to disappear in a range of deeper shades.

Verb's Dry Shampoo Powder, $16, Verb Products

The Verb Gentle Cleanse + Style Extender + Light Volume in light and dark will be available on May 1, although there is not word on how much it will cost. But, according to the brand's Instagram post about the launch, you could enter a giveaway and pay nothing for your can. "Enter at the link in bio for a chance to win free product - we’re giving away 5 every. single. day until then 💕 #giveaway #dryshampoo."

You can sign up for the waitlist (and to win a free bottle) on the brand's website, and seeing as the brand expects 10,000 people to join the waitlist by the launch date, you might not have many options if you want to get your hands on it.