The 'Veep' Cast Is Posting Emotional Farewells To The Show After The Final Day Of Shooting


Selina Meyer's term has officially come to an end, and the whole Veep cast is paying tribute to the iconic comedy series. On Monday, Veep officially wrapped production on its seventh and final season, bringing the HBO series to an end. Of course, fans still have the whole final season to look forward to since it has not aired yet, but the cast's work on the series is now finished. It was obviously an emotional day, so the Veep cast is posting farewell messages to the show to commemorate closing out seven years on such a beloved series.

Veep will be remembered as one of the most awarded comedy series ever, having won 17 Emmy Awards over the course of its first six seasons. Its star Julia Louis-Dreyfus also holds the incredibly impressive distinction of winning the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series award at the Emmys for every single season of the show. The series followed the insult-ridden, often-hard-to-look-at, but causticly hilarious rise to power of politician Selina Meyer, who began the series as an ineffectual Vice President and ended up clawing her way up to become President of the United States.

The show's final season will not air for several months, but it wrapped production on Monday. Many members of Veep's main cast bid farewell to the show on their final day of shooting this week. Julia Louis-Dreyfus posted a photo of herself holding up a clutch with the show's name on it, noting that she had finished filming the "glorious show." She also said goodbye to her set trailer on Instagram:

Timothy Simons, who plays the deliciously obnoxious Jonah Ryan, wrote one of the most emotional farewells to the show, saying that it was only just starting to sink in that Veep is officially over:

Tony Hale, who plays Selina Meyer's overly attentive lackey Gary Walsh, shared several photos from the last day of filming. Hale posted a thankful message to everyone who works on the show, and behind-the-scenes photo of the set being packed up, complete with a Selina Meyer cardboard cutout:

Reid Scott, who plays the egotistical opportunist Dan Egan, shared a sweet message on Instagram saying that he will miss all the incredible artists he has been able to work with on Veep:

And finally, Sam Richardson, who plays the amiable but clueless aide Richard Splett, posted a photo with the cast from the wrap part and wrote that he was going to miss them:

Although it is really sad to see all of these touching farewell messages, fans at least have another season of Veep to look forward to before we have to say goodbye for good. HBO has not yet announced the premiere date for the seventh season of Veep, but since every other season of the show has premiered in mid-April, it only stands to reason that Season 7 will drop sometime in April of 2019 as well. The only downside is that Season 7 will only contain seven episodes, which is less than any other season of Veep. So get ready to say goodbye to the show sooner than you may have expected.