10 Kinds Of Sex You Have On Valentine's Day, Based On Your & Your Partner's Zodiac Sign

Flowers are nice, chocolates are better, stuffed animals clutching hearts that say "Be Mine" are the worst, but the very best thing about Valentine's Day has to be celebrating it with your special someone — horizontally. Yep I'm talking about getting freaky AF with your valentine. Because, let's be honest, that's what it's really all about (I mean that can't be just me, right?). Now what type of sex you have on Valentine's Day depends on a lot of things: Who you are with, how comfortable you are together, and your proximity to a bed or some other private spot. But believe it or not, it also has to do with the stars. You can tell a lot about sexual preferences by a persons astrological sign, and when you out two signs together, you can get real fireworks — or fizzles.

So let’s have some fun and speculate just how down and dirty you'll be getting this Feb. 14 based on you and your valentine's astrological elements. If you're not sure exactly what element you and your partner are, here's the breakdown: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are Fire signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are Earth signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Air signs; last but not least, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are Water signs.

So, how do all these elements mesh in the bedroom? Read on to find out exactly what kind of happy "V" day (wink, wink) you'll be having this year.

1. Air - Air: Cirque Du Soleil Sex

While some elements require another element to bring out their freaky side, Air signs are passionate enough all on their own — get two together and look out. This super passionate element is highly energetic in bed, demands reciprocal pleasure, and loves breaking taboos. So it is definitely gonna go down (well, both of you will) on Feb. 14.

2. Air - Fire: Tearing Each Other’s Clothes Off Sex

When Air and Fire meet sexually, you're bound to fan each other's flames. Both elements are extremely sexual and passionate, and when they get together, they have a very hard time keeping their hands to themselves. That isn't to say that it's all physical. While Fire brings the raw sexual energy, Air's desire for connection means that this fierce coupling is also loving and intimate. So yes, you may not make it all they way from the front door to the bedroom, you are guaranteed to be cuddling sweetly afterwards.

3. Air - Earth: "Oh My God, I Can’t Believe You Said That — And I Liked It" Sex

Air and Earth both value romance and connection. They crave eye contact and romance, but don’t think that means they are vanilla in bed. Oh, no. Surprisingly, Earth is the freakiest of all the elements. Dirty talk is their forte and taboo-breaking Air is here for it. And while you won’t see this couple being over-the-top in public, once they're in private, anything and everything goes.

4. Air - Water: Accidentally Tantric Sex

When Air meets Water in the bedroom, they bring each of their sensualities to the fore. Their passion is often about making the spiritual connection a physical one, too, which is why the lovemaking sessions can go on for hours. Foreplay is a priority as is making sure to be in the moment and present always. The Lotus position is perfect one for this pairing.

5. Earth - Earth: Sex Covered In Chocolate And Strawberries

It doesn't get more sensual than an Earth - Earth couple. And by sensual I meant all five senses. For this duo, all the Valentine's traditions are just an excuse to indulge in sexual pleasures. Rose petals against the skin on the bed, poems whispered quietly against your lover’s ear, and chocolate licked from all your partner’s best bits. Valentine's Day may get a little messy, but who cares when it feels this good?

6. Earth - Fire: Soul-Gazing Sex

Earth and Fire make for a seriously powerful sexual duo. Both are extremely passionate and up for just about anything sexually, but what really makes this a good combination is that Earth loves to please and Fire loves to be desired. They both fuel and fulfill each others’ needs and that’s a beautiful thing. It also means that they are able to easily connect on a deep level and can't tear their eyes away from one another's as they simultaneously give and and receive. How hot is that?

7. Earth - Water: "I Think You're The One" Sex

When Earth and Water come together (often times literally), they connect on both the physical and spiritual level. Both crave kindred spirits, so when they find that soulful connection together, it's not surprising that the resulting sex is sweet, romantic, and loving. That’s not to say that it’s boring. Both signs also have plenty of kink to them, so spanking, dirty talk, and bondage are definitely on the menu — especially if one person is a Cap (a closet freak!).

8. Fire - Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): "I Don’t Know If Were Going To Make It Home In Time" Sex

Put two Fire signs together and the one thing you can definitely count on is that things are going to be hot. This passionate and adventurous element is ready to lead with their... ahem... heart. But throw in their impulsiveness and taste for a little bit of danger and who knows what will happen? Just try and control yourselves until you can get home or somewhere really private. You may not feel like you can make it, but you don’t want to sit out the night in a jail cell for public indecency either. That's not a very happy Valentine’s Day.

9. Fire - Water: Sex Dungeon Sex

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of couple has sex dungeon in their home, the answer is probably a Fire and Water couple. You might think that Fire and Water might cancel each other out sexually, but you would be oh-so-wrong. Both elements are highly sexual and passionate, the difference being that Fire likes a little danger while Water is up for just about anything — from the safety of their home. While you may not currently have a home in which to build your own freaky playroom in, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to start practicing a few of the kinky things you’ll enjoy there when you do.

10. Water - Water: Power Play Sex

When you bring two Water signs together, it’s the joining to two powerful people, so it’s no surprise that dynamic of struggling for dominance also plays out in the bedroom. For some couples, there is a top and bottom hierarchy that naturally occurs, but sometimes it’s a very pleasurable battle to the top. Good thing Water signs love a challenge — and orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms.

Not really a "Valentine's Day person"? Skip the commercial celebrations and throw your own private one — guided by the stars.

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