The People In Your Hometown Clique Can Be Explained By These 8 Personalities

Your hometown friends are the OG people you've had in your life since before you can remember. Your childhood and home life are filled with so many memories of them. Basically, your hometown wouldn't technically be "home" without this awesome crew of humans. So, who exactly are these dynamic folks? Not everyone's hometown is the same, but the types of people in your hometown friend group can definitely be categorized.

Just think about all of the high school scenarios depicted in your favorite 90s movies. There was always a prototype to the friend group, and each character brought a noteworthy personality trait to the story. If you've ever seen the movie American Pie, you could totally relate to having a Stifler or a couple like Kevin and Vicky in your pack.

Your hometown crew is your first experience with close bonds outside of family. They're so important to you, and because you've spent a lot of time with them, you can describe every single one of them to a T. I know I'm not a key member of your hometown squad, but your friends likely fall into any of these eight personality types, so I feel like I already know them.

The Literal Homebody

Your hometown friend group may have that one person who has never left their hometown and doesn't plan to. They love the place where you all grew up so much, and they probably don't live too far away from the very house they grew up in. Actually, you're not surprised to find out that they bought their parents' house.

The One Who Always Knows Where The Fun's At

Whenever your friend group links up, there's always that one friend who basically has the party itinerary ready to go. In high school, they knew exactly where you all needed to be to live your best lives on a Saturday night. You owe this friend for allowing you to be able to contribute to the hyped Monday talks in school about the coolest adventures of the past weekend.

The One Who's Always Traveling

Remember that hometown friend you saw at your high school graduation, and they've been on and off the grid ever since? One day you see them post pics in Thailand, and the next, they're backpacking through Europe. You still keep in touch, but catching them in the states isn't easy.

The One You Rely On For Heart-To-Heart Convos

In every hometown friend group, there's one friend you spent countless hours engaging in deep conversations with. You just sort of clicked that way, and they helped you get through so much growing up. You still connect with this person on that level, even if you aren't up the street from each other anymore.

The One Who's Incredibly Family-Oriented

This friend has an incredibly close-knit family. I'm talking about festive post cards with matching Christmas sweaters by the fireplace. Their family was always putting on the best holiday parties, and you know all of their younger and older siblings. In a way, their family became your second family.

The One Who Doesn't Forget Anything

There isn't an event, birthday, milestone, or occasion that this friend doesn't remember. Your high school class trip? They remember every single detail. This person is great at calling people on their birthdays and giving shoutouts to people for their anniversaries. Trust me, they don't need the Facebook reminders at all.

The Duo That's The Epitome Of High School Sweethearts

Honestly, you believe in true love because of this couple in your hometown friend group. You watched their relationship blossom right before your eyes. Sure, high school sweethearts who stay together for the long-run might be rare, but they are your proof that true love exists. Let's be real: You sort of stalk their social media to make sure things are still intact, because you don't know what you'd do if they weren't together anymore.

The One Who's A Daredevil

Adrenaline doesn't even begin to describe what runs through this friend's veins. They never say no to a dare, no matter how risky it may be. If smartphones were a thing when you were little, you'd have several viral videos of them doing something daring. Ultimately, they're super carefree and aren't afraid to live in the moment.

Your hometown friend group will always hold a special place in your heart. And no matter where you are on the globe, whenever you think of home, you think of them.