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How You'd Hate To Be Proposed To, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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I think everyone has some idea of what their ideal marriage proposal would look like. On the other side of that beautiful fantasy is also a nightmare: Your idea of the worst proposal. Some proposals are so shockingly bad that they’ll forever serve as cautionary tales. In fact, the marriage proposal each zodiac sign would hate might even send shivers up your spine. Can you imagine finding the person of your dreams, only to have them ruin it all with a terrible proposal?

I sure can’t, because I’ve been daydreaming of the moment my soulmate asks for my hand in marriage since I was a little kid. I imagine myself wearing a flowing gown that makes me look like a goddess. It’s twilight in a gorgeous setting, preferably at the top of the Eiffel Tower (or at least in a garden of roses). My partner is particularly attractive with a sensitive heart. They'd take my hand and ask me to spend the rest of his life with them, presenting me a glimmering rock that I’ll get to wear for all the days to come. Have I sufficiently grossed you out yet? Sorry, I know I’m a little romantic. This is probably because I have a Pisces Moon and, come to think of it, you should check what your sun, moon, and Venus signs have to say about the marriage proposal you definitely wouldn’t want to experience. If you don't know what those are, use a birth chart calculator to find out.

Read on to find out what your sign says about your idea of the most horrific proposal ever:


Aries: A Lazy Proposal

An Aries is all about adrenaline-inducing adventure... and also one-upping everyone else around them. If your proposal is significantly less exciting than your friend's, there will be at least one unhappy Aries in the world. Aries want something big, over the top, and unbeatable. Your proposal better be the talk of the town, something everyone else envies.

Taurus: A Spontaneous Proposal

A Taurus likes to lay down the groundwork for the future and make sure the relationship has a solid foundation. If the proposal totally comes out of the left field or happens in the heat of the moment, you might feel overwhelmed, like your partner didn't think things through enough. A Taurus wants the proposal to be traditionally romantic and well thought out. You'd also probably like to have an idea that it's about to happen.

Gemini: A Proposal That Feels Forced

Getting a Gemini to commit is like trying to herd cats. If a proposal makes you feel pressured into making one of the most serious commitments of your life when you're not ready, you will freak out, no question about it. Word of advice if you plan to pop the question to a Gemini: Don't invite all their friends and family over to watch the proposal, don't do it without discussing marriage with them first, and don't do it three months into the relationship. Just. Don't.

Cancer: A Nonchalant Proposal

Cancers are deeply emotional and sentimental beings. You remember every tiny detail of your first date and probably have a framed photo of you and your SO sitting on your nightstand. If a proposal is devoid of that same level of devotion, your heart will feel hollow. A blasé, straightforward proposal without much affection or sweetness is exactly how to ruin a Cancer's proposal dreams.

Leo: An Underwhelming Proposal

A Leo loves having friends and family gush over their glory. Your attitude toward a marriage proposal is no different. You'd love a show-stopping proposal, possibly even in front of all your loved ones. If your proposal is a mundane, "let's just sign the papers at city hall" type of proposal, you'd probably resent your partner for it.

Virgo: A Proposal That's Not Serious

When you propose to a Virgo, you better be serious about following it up with some solid plans to actually throw a wedding and get married. Sometimes people casually propose, expecting the engagement to last a few years before they actually set a date. Not on your watch. Note to your potential future spouse: Don't propose to a Virgo unless you're 100 percent serious.


Libra: A Proposal That's Not Beautiful

When proposing to a Libra, one better make sure you love the ring, adore the setting, and find out your particular style of asking for your hand in marriage. If you hate the ring and everything else about the proposal, you'll feel like you don't even know them. You'd probably even question whether you love your partner in the first place.

Scorpio: A Proposal That's Also A Prank

Sometimes people think a marriage proposal is a great time to mess with your partner's emotions and prank them. Do this to a Scorpio and prepare for their wrath. You take proposals very seriously and you do not like being blindsided by some ridiculous hijinks or mind game that has your mind going in the completely opposite direction of romance.

Sagittarius: A Boring Proposal

Sagittarians live for adventure, pleasure, and variety in life. That means you most likely expect a marriage proposal to take you on a wild ride you'll never forget. A calm and direct conversation about why the two of you should settle down and seal the deal would most likely make you run for the hills.

Capricorn: An Ambiguous Proposal

Be straightforward and don't mince words when proposing to a Capricorn. Do not speak in riddles, do not beat around the bush, and do not "hint" at marriage while expecting your Capricorn to understand that you actually mean serious business. A Capricorn is not here to telepathically communicate about one of the most important decisions ever.

Aquarius: A Cliché Proposal

An Aquarius loves being cutting edge and going against the grain. If your proposal is basic AF, prepare for a seriously disappointed Aquarius. Don't you dare put the engagement ring in their glass of champagne and don't you even think about popping the question on Valentine's Day. Come on, aren't there any original ideas anymore? You better come up with one for your Aquarius.

Pisces: An Unromantic Proposal

Pisceans daydream of the moment their soulmate slides an engagement ring along their finger their whole life. So you've probably imagined it being sickeningly romantic, like you're Romeo and Juliet, asking to get married in secret. If the proposal doesn't have romantic flare or at least the aura of a dream come true, a Pisces will feel robbed of their special moment.

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