The Trump Baby Blimp Made Another Epic Appearance In The UK

Alex McBride/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you couldn't get enough of it during round one, the Donald Trump baby blimp is officially back for round two, folks. During his June 4 visit to the UK, protestors flew a massive, inflatable, Trump-shaped blimp over London to express their dislike for, and frustration with, the U.S. president. Needless to say, the blimp version of Trump made quite the scene in London skies, and the tweets about the Trump baby blimp in the UK will have you cracking up.

The Trump baby blimp depicts the president with orange skin, a massive scowl, and tiny hands holding a phone. Most notably, balloon Trump doesn't have any clothes on, and only sports a diaper with a massive safety pin clipping it in the front. According to Vanity Fair, the 20-foot balloon is worth around $5,000, showing you just how committed Londoners are to demonstrating against the president.

This isn't the blimp's first rodeo. In July 2018, protestors flew the Trump baby blimp over London with the green light from London's mayor Sadiq Khan, who Trump recently insulted on his social media, calling Khan things like a "stone cold loser."

Here's a look at the blimp in London on Tuesday, June 4.

As it returns for a second time, here are 10 tweets about the Trump baby blimp in the UK that will crack you up.

The Trump baby blimp wasn't the only negative Trump-themed imagery in the UK during Trump's visit. There have also been sightings of a 16-foot talking robot, apparently called "Dump Trump," which features Trump sitting on a toilet, pants around his ankles, and Twitter fingers in action on a small cellphone. (I sense a theme with both the robot and the blimp). A YouTube video shows the robot saying phrases like "No collusion," "You are fake news," and "I'm a very stable genius," all things Trump has actually said or tweeted.

The Trump baby blimp and talking robot weren't the only ways Londoners protested the president of the United States and his visit to the UK. On the day of Trump's visit, demonstrators protested against Trump in London's Trafalgar Square, per ABC. A facebook event called "Together Against Trump - stop the state visit" hosted by political organization Together Against Trump showed over 9,000 people attending the Trafalgar Square demonstration and over 30,000 people interested. Protestors marched with signs like "Keep Trump Away From Our NHS" and "Build Unions Not Borders." Protestors also created toilet paper rolls with pictures of Trump's face, and even installed banners in public areas, like Amnesty International's bright yellow "Resist Trump" sign hanging from Vauxhall Bridge. During a press conference alongside Theresa May, Trump said he didn't see the protestors at first, but when he did, it was a "very small group of people," and he proceeded the call reports of the protest "fake news."

Whether Trump acknowledges the Trump baby blimp or not, one thing is certain — people in the UK really know how to make a political statement.