'The Social Dilemma' on Netflix

Here's The Netflix Documentary Twitter Is Begging You To Watch Next

Exposure Labs/Netflix

Social media is deeply ingrained in just about every part of our lives, and one documentary is setting out to show just how problematic that is. The Social Dilemma on Netflix takes a look at how society has shifted thanks to people's hyper-connectivity on social media. Audiences have a lot to say about the new social media documentary... and the ironic thing is, they're sharing all those thoughts primarily on social media. Truly, reading the tweets about Netflix's The Social Dilemma that call it a must-watch is kind of mind-bending.

The Social Dilemma digs into the effects of social media on mental health, politics, and more. It includes interviews from ex-employees of the top internet companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more as they share their perspectives on the ways social media has become so ubiquitous — and sometimes, so dangerous.

The director of The Social Dilemma, Jeff Orlowski, told First Showing in March, "I'm not trying to encourage people to delete social media, as opposed to just be aware of what it's doing and why and how." Audiences are taking that message to heart, and taking their thoughts to Twitter as they encourage other people to watch the documentary.

Even celebrities, like Pink and Jim Belushi, have watched The Social Dilemma and are contributing to the conversation about it on Twitter. Pink even called out the irony of tweeting about the movie and wrote, "Ironic post: to anyone reading this: please watch THE SOCIAL DILEMMA. As soon as possible. This is not a political post. It’s a human one."

Orlowski told First Showing, "It's not about technology as a whole, it's about when technology is designed for us versus for somebody else. And there's this new class of technology that is designed for somebody else, and we are the resource that’s fueling it." Even still, fans have flocked to Twitter to fuel it with all their thoughts on The Social Dilemma.

You can log off and check out The Social Dilemma for yourself on Netflix now.