A screenshot of Suga in BTS' New Year's Eve Live Concert

Suga Was Part Of BTS' NYE Live Concert & ARMYs Are Absolutely Losing It

Big Hit Labels

On Thursday, Dec. 31, Big Hit Labels held a New Year's Eve Live show, where everyone's favorite K-Pop groups performed. BTS was obviously part of the line up, but because Suga recently had a shoulder surgery, fans didn't know if he was going to be involved. The rapper teased he was going to be part of the event, and these tweets about Suga in BTS' New Year's Eve Live concert show fans were thrilled to have him back.

Days ahead of the big event, Suga went on VLIVE to update fans on his recovery progress since getting surgery in November. He said although he's getting better, he hasn't gained full control of his shoulder. "I can’t raise my arm to 90 degrees yet. It feels like it’s not my arm, like it’s the arm of an infant," he explained during a Dec. 28 livestream, according to a translation by Soompi. "It’s a slow process. As a result, I feel somewhat impatient, but I’m making consistent progress. Since I’m not attending a clinic that forces me to increase my range of motion, I’m only using my shoulder within the range that I can use."

Suga also told fans it'll probably take him six months to fully recover, but they'll seen him back on stage sooner than that. "Since my recovery is going well, I’ll probably attend [Big Hit's New Year's Eve live concert," he revealed, adding he won't do intense choreography, but he'll definitely be part of BTS' performance. "I won’t be able to do [dance] performances [or] hold a microphone with my left hand since it hasn’t even been two months since my surgery."

Big Hit's New Year's Eve Live show featured Suga way more than what fans originally expected. He surprised fans by giving a moving speech about BTS' journey. According to a fan translation by @blackxagustd on Twitter, Suga said:

I often wonder if I'd be a better person today, had I met the old me. It may sound like a dream. But that's how we dream of encountering our old days. On the path we walked this far, countless answers and mistakes, and endless questions that had us up at night are engraved. And now here, there's a man who's been answering all those questions. He told us to ignore those who laughed at our dreams. That we all are walking towards to the answer of questions that can't be erased. To not feel lonely since we're walking together. To not grow ill again.

Of course, fans were emotional over his return.

He was also there during BTS "meet and greet" segment.

Seeing him with the rest of the BTS members made ARMYs so happy.

After BTS performed "Dynamite," "Best of Me," and "Mic Drop," Suga joined his members and Lauv for an acoustic performance of "Make It Right." He wasn't there for "Boy With Luv," but he joined the group for their final performance of the night: "Life Goes On." ARMYs had tears in their eyes seeing OT7 together again on stage.

Suga's comeback was definitely the highlight of the night. Fans can't wait to see him officially return to BTS' activities in 2021.