Twitter Is Cringing Over Shamila's Awkward Almost-Kiss At The AMAs

by Ani Bundel
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are a suspiciously well-timed relationship. They weren't an item, then they had a duet and then, oh look! What a wonderful coincidence. Twitter is also aware of how well-timed their coupledom seems to be, as well as the fact that they, well, never quite seem to kiss on stage. But that doesn't mean fans still aren't stanning the crap out of Shamila. And these tweets about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's almost-kiss are a scream.

Anyone who watched the VMAs back in August might have felt that Camila and Shawn's AMAs performance of their single, "Señorita," seemed a little familiar. They should. This performance might have happened nearly three months later, but the staging, the choreography, even the lighting, all were the same. Most importantly, the failure to kiss, with a cop-out "nose rub," was a duplicate.

Now, to be fair, an actual kiss could be super cheesy. But there's teasing a kiss, and only going through with it because it feels right, and then there's continually teasing without ever fulfilling the audience's expectations.

From the looks of it, Shamila are starting to land on the far side of that line.

As much as fans were hoping the AMAs would get the kiss the VMAs didn't, the performance did not go there. Even worse, when the couple won Collaboration of the Year, she went in for a kiss, as if to reward the fans for voting for them.

And he seemingly dodged.

It could have just been a terrible moment of miscommunication. But the lack of kiss had fans asking in the relationship was even real.

Despite how it looked on stage, none of this is actual confirmation Shamila is somehow a "showmance" for the fans. After all, relationships are personal things. It could very well be that Shawn doesn't like PDA. He's happy metaphorically slobbering over Camila on Twitter. Perhaps there are just things he'd rather save for off-camera.

But if so, then he and Camila need to get on that same page, because leaving her hanging in public like that was cringeworthy. Mostly, what fans took from both the performance and the award acceptance was that this situation is a whole lot of awkward.