Selena Revealed What's In Her Freezer & Fans Can't Deal

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Selena Gomez is pretty private on social media. Over the years, the Wizards of Waverly Place alum has taken plenty of Instagram and Twitter breaks. When she is active on the apps, however, she gives fans exactly the content they want to get them talking. The tweets about Selena Gomez's freezer tour are hilariously on point.

In June 2018, Gomez fans got a look inside her then-$3 million Los Angeles home that was on the market. At the time, fans' jaws dropped when they saw photos of the clean aesthetics and the spacious rooms. Almost two years later, Gomez opened the doors to her stunning house and walked fans around her oasis during an Instagram video in May 2020.

In the virtual tour of her home, which took place during the coronavirus pandemic, Gomez opened up about the importance of taking care of her mental health and encouraged fans to do the same. It seemed that her house tour got so much attention that less than three months later, Gomez decided to let her followers into a special place in her home: her refrigerator and freezer.

On Tuesday, Aug. 4, Gomez posted a short clip to IG that showed her fully-stocked fridge and freezer. She pointed out that the ice cream section, complete with at least a dozen cartons of the delicious dessert, is where she's "at most of the time" and her fans seemed to relate.

Take a look below to see the best tweets about Gomez's fridge and freezer tour.

If fans learned anything from Gomez's fridge and freezer tour, it's that she definitely enjoys having a variety of ice cream to choose from. And who can blame her?

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