Selena Gomez's House Is On The Market, So Who Wants To Go In On This With Me

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Selena Gomez is truly the aesthetic queen. From incredible Instagram posts to fabulous outfits, this former Disney start knows how to impress the public. Well, these photos of Selena Gomez's house are seriously incredible and will make you want to put in an offer right now.

According to Homes.com, Gomez is putting her four-bedroom Studio City home on the market. It might cost you a smooth $2,799,000, but the opportunity to tell your friends that you live in the very house that Selena Gomez once resided? That's truly priceless. Gomez might have only bought the property last year, but I don't blame her for wanting a change of scenery. Plus, Architectural Digest reported that Gomez has a second home on the market, her mansion in Forth Worth, TX.

If only I had about $3 million to blow on a Los Angeles pad. For those who are itching for more details about the space, we've got the inside look into how glorious this property is. Judging from these photos, I have to admit that this house might actually be worth the hefty price tag. With perks including a huge backyard, top notch kitchen, and even a personal gym, there's so many amenities this house has to offer.

Not convinced this is the house of your dreams? Just peep these photos and try not to drool.

A Picturesque Entryway
Courtesy of Homes.com

Like any proper house tour, we have to start at the entryway. Just imagine walking up to this house and gazing at this front yard. Seriously, it's something straight out of a picture book. The emerald accents on the windows perfectly compliment the white exterior of the home, and I absolutely love the huge stones lining the driveway. It's safe to say that your guests will be impressed the minute they roll up to visit your new home.

A Big and Bright Living Room
Courtesy of Homes.com

Once you've entered the home, be prepared to be greeted with a bright and spacious living room. The combination of blues, purples, and greens perfectly compliment each other and that fireplace guarantees a cozy night in. Whether you're playing hostess for the night or want to have a chill evening, this is definitely the hub of the house.

A Hip Reading Room
Courtesy of Homes.com

If you're not already sold on this room by the neon decor, then sorry but you're wrong. Personally, there's nothing I love more than nestling in with a good book or enjoying a quick snooze, and that bright green couch looks like the perfect spot to do just that. Plus, the space is perfect for entertaining a big party or enjoying after dinner drinks with a small group. Pick your poison.

A Foodie's Kitchen
Courtesy of Homes.com

The kitchen is arguably the most important part of any house, and this one definitely doesn't disappoint. Not only does it offer a center island where people can chat and hang while preparing the perfect meal, but just look at all that storage. Plus, the exposed brick stove-oven combination is an easy way for anyone to feel like a master chef. I don't know about y'all, but I'm getting hungry.

Your Own Personal Gym
Courtesy of Homes.com

Forget those days of slugging to the gym against your will because that dreaded workout just became a ton easier. Just walk down the hallway from your master bedroom into your personal gym and work out on your own time. Whether its cardio on the elliptical or lifting weights, hitting the gym has never been so convenient.

A Bedroom Suited For Royalty

Your bedroom should be a place you go to escape reality. Well, not only does this room offer plenty of space, but the huge windows give expansive views of the gorgeous backyard. With a bedroom like this, no one will blame you for spending a day in bed.

A Backyard Oasis
Courtesy of Home.com

Los Angeles can get hot, and there's no better place to cool off than the backyard. Soak up the sun by relaxing in a chair or take a dip in the pool to beat the heat. Either way, every day is a vacation as long as you're spending it in this backyard. Summer doesn't have to end if you don't want it to.

Cribs has nothing on this house.