Twitter is going wild over this gymnast's floor routine, because she did an epic ode to Beyoncé.

Twitter Is Going WILD Over This Gymnast's Floor Routine To Beyoncé

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Nia Dennis is a junior at UCLA and a boss babe gymnast. With her recent floor routine, complete with a mashup of Beyoncé songs, Dennis is causing a lot of noise on Twitter. In fact, she's pretty much breaking the internet. These tweets about Nia Dennis' Beyoncé floor routine will give you life.

Dennis took to the floor on Sunday, Feb. 23 to do a routine at UCLA's meet against the Utah Utes at Pauley Pavilion in California. Twitter finally took some notice of the incredible routine, which spread like wildfire on the platform on Thursday, Feb. 27. Dennis' routine at the meet scored a 9.975, and it is something of a spectacle to watch. The gymnast managed to create a unique floor routine, staying true to the sport and adding in some quintessential Beyoncé touches alongside the tunes. Dennis' ponytail grab and hip swaying was everything, and the finishing move of her placing an imaginary crown on her head had the crowd going wild.

Dennis' gymnastics career has already had some amazing highlights, including serving as a U.S. National team member from 2013 to 2015, being an National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) team champion in 2018, and scoring 9.975 for routines more than once.

She and her teammates, Gracie Kramer and Kyla Ross, all earned 9.975 floor scores with their routines against the Utah Utes. However, the team lost by just a fraction, with the Utes taking the win with a 198.075, over UCLA's 198.025. The real win, though, was obviously Dennis' floor routine, because people on Twitter can't stop talking about it.

UCLA Gymnastics posted Dennis' routine on Feb. 27:

Responses are generally full of excitement and awe:

Meanwhile, let's not forget that her teammates were totally everything cheering her on:

And the ponytail grab is probably everyone's favorite part, just second after her epic crown at the end:

Some people are really hoping Queen Bey responds to all of this and appreciates Dennis' fire routine:

While it's impossible to know if Beyoncé is going to see the routine and stan Dennis back, it's clear that Twitter is in love with the gymnast.