Twitter Is Totally Here For Lady Gaga's Extra AF VMAs Masks

Kevin Winter/MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lady Gaga was one of the most highly-anticipated celebrities set to appear at the 2020 VMAs because her Chromatica album was up for a ton of nominations. Fans couldn't wait to see if she took home any (or maybe all) of the awards. As soon as the night began, Gaga won Best Collaboration with Ariana Grande for "Rain On Me," and her outfit turned heads because of one specific accessory: her mask. You need to read the tweets about Lady Gaga's mask at the 2020 VMAs, because fans agree it was so extra. Honestly, no one could have pulled it off like Gaga did.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the VMAs had to make some changes to adhere to social distancing safety guidelines. Instead of all the artists and performers being under one roof, the celebs made appearances throughout the show from various parts of NYC, some pre-recorded their appearances from L.A., and some from other countries entirely. As for the celebs who were there in person, fans wondered whether they would go in style with their masks. Well, Gaga definitely came through by rocking a collection of masks throughout the night.

She literally wore so many masks that fans couldn't keep track with all her changes. From a pink mask and full-on face shield to a mask with tusks, Gaga rocked them all. See how fans reacted to Gaga's accessories below.

"Lady Gaga took put your mask on to another level," one fan wrote.

"I feel @ladygaga would be wearing the same outfit and mask even if corona virus didn’t exist. #VMAs," another fan hilariously quipped.

Find more hilarious reactions to Gaga's masks below.

Gaga was so dedicated to promoting wearing masks during the pandemic that she even wore one during her debut performance of "Rain On Me" with Ariana Grande. "Be kind. Mask up. Be brave," Gaga said on stage.

With Gaga constantly showing up in a new mask every few minutes throughout the night, I don't think anyone will forget her advice.