Twitter Is Sobbing With Joy After Kamala Harris' Oath Of Office

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On Jan. 20, Kamala Harris made history as America's first woman, and first woman of color, to be sworn in as the vice president of the United States. It's a historic moment for the country, and hey, no one's gonna blame you for getting a little emotional. These tweets about Kamala Harris’ 2021 oath of office are all grateful to usher in this new era at the White House, and are so full of emotions, you won't be able to read them without crying.

Harris arrived at the inauguration ceremony wearing a purple outfit made by two Black designers, John Rogers and Sergio Hudson, whose styles have graced figures from Zendaya and Lizzo to Beyoncé and Amal Clooney. Her purple look was though to be a nod to both Hillary Clinton's purple pantsuit, which she wore when she conceded the 2016 election to Donald Trump, as well as message of unity, with purple being the combination of red and blue coming together.

People all over Twitter excitedly watched as Harris took her place on the Capitol steps to be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor — another pioneer as the first Hispanic and Latina member of the Court.

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As Harris repeated after Justice Sotomayor and pledged her oath of office, people on Twitter were overcome with joy and tears — there were plenty of happy tears.

People everywhere were proud of Harris, including her old Senate pal Cory Booker, who took the time to acknowledge the history being made, calling it a "proud moment for our country."

People were filled with so many emotions, especially hope (and more tears).

Harris' ascent to the role of vice president of the United States is a hugely meaningful moment for a country still reckoning with a divisive political climate, white supremacy, and the turbulent racial justice protests of summer 2020. As the first woman of color in the White House, Harris has been seen as heralding a new moment for the United States.

It's a moment that's particularly needed right now. Inauguration Day comes just two weeks after a mob of angry Trump supporters — many of whom donned white supremacist symbols — stormed the U.S. Capitol in a fatal last-ditch effort to overturn the November 2020 election. Like many Americans in the days following the Capitol attack, Harris felt horrified and angered by the chaotic series of events, but she was far from surprised.

Harris was in Washington, D.C. on the day the assault occurred, and described how she felt seeing racist symbols paraded through the Senate in an interview with NPR. "The same thing went through my mind when I saw Charlottesville. I mean, it's the same thing that went through my mind when I saw a picture of Emmett Till," she stated. "Sadly, it is not the first time I have seen a demonstration like what you are describing in the history of our country. And and it is — it is a reminder that we still have a lot of work to do," she added.

Just two weeks after the attack, Harris helped turn over a new page for the country as part of the Biden Administration, and it's clear people on Twitter are more than ready for a change (and more than a little emotional about the history-making moment).