Justin Bieber is spotted in the crowd rocking a yellow hooded sweatshirt.

Beliebers Have Mixed Feelings About Justin Captioning Photos Of Babies "Yummy"

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Justin Bieber has had his fair share of bizarre moments, but this one takes the cake. The Biebs used photos of of toddlers to promote his new single "Yummy" on social media, and Twitter is having a field day pointing out one weird thing about his latest marketing ploy. These tweets about Justin Bieber captioning baby photos "Yummy"are a lot.

The Twittersphere is pretty squicked out over the JB's decision to fill his Instagram page with photos of babies and caption them with the word "yummy." Fans generally found the move creepy considering "yummy" is used as a euphemism for sex throughout the song.

Regardless of how JB has chosen to promote his new bop, the song is practically inescapable, and thanks to Beliebers, it's already reached #1 on US iTunes sales, and will presumably top the Billboard Hot 100 when the next chart cycle is announced. Truth be told, JB doesn't exactly need any gimmicks to promote "Yummy" seeing as it's a certified bop, so when it comes to the reasoning behind flooding his IG page with pics of babies, your guess is as good as mine.

Still, it made for some truly awkward Twitter moments, and these tweets pretty much capture exactly how you feel. Some fans had some serious questions.

One fan even thought JB was trying to hint that his wife Hailey Baldwin was pregnant.

However, others thought Bieber's baby-filled Instagram was weird AF, and they weren't afraid to say so.

Plenty of fans did come to JB's defense, though.

As one fan said, the photos are actually reposts from parents who shared photos of their babies and tagged #yummy in hopes Bieber would see them and share on his own page.

Thankfully, the baby pics weren't the only weird promo posts Bieber shared in support of "Yummy." Take a quick scroll through his Instagram and you'll find countless memes made from the priceless moment Bieber fell off a unicycle in October 2019.

The bizarre social media stunt doesn't exactly come as a surprise after seeing the quirky, colorful video Bieber released for "Yummy." The visual dropped on Jan. 4, and it was full of wild, larger-than-life food creations that Bieber overindulged in during a dinner party.

Regardless of Bieber's intent was with the onslaught of baby photos, one thing's for sure: he definitely caught everyone's attention. And who knows, maybe he's dropping hints about future plans with Baldwin after all.