BTS' Jimin Missed A Performance Because Of An Injury, But Fans Only Care About His Health


BTS is clearly taking over the world and doing that takes a whole lot of hard work. Sometimes that hard work can mean pushing yourself to the max to get everything done — even if it comes at the cost of your wellbeing. And if you’re a BTS fan, that’s definitely not something they want the guys to risk. And BTS fans are proving that on social media right now. When Jimin pulled out of the boys' Oct. 11 appearance on the Graham Norton Show in England due to experiencing severe muscle pain in his neck and back, the BTS ARMY took to social media to tell him that it was perfectly OK by them. The tweets about Jimin missing BTS’ Graham Norton appearance prove that the boys' health always comes first for BTS' fans.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Big Hit Entertainment, the Entertainment company that manages BTS, announced that Jimin would not be able to appear on the Graham Norton show.

“Good evening. This is Big Hit Entertainment,” the statement read. “We regret to announce that one of the members of BTS, Jimin, will not be able to take part in the recording of the band’s appearance tonight on the Graham Norton show.”

The statement then went on to explain what happened to Jimin and how he was feeling.

“On the morning of the day of the recording, Jimin began suffering from severe muscle pain in his neck and back, and received medical attention,” the statement continued. “While Jimin made every effort to take part in the program, including arriving at the studio, the decision was made for Jimin not to take part in the recording due to his condition.”

Big Hit Entertainment ended their statement with an apology to all the fans who were anxious to see all the guys on the Graham Norton show.

“We sincerely apologize to all of our fans who have been eagerly awaiting the band’s appearance on the Graham Norton Show, and as for your understanding. Thank you,” the statement read.

But in all honesty, fans weren’t even upset (unless you the protective-mom feeling that overcame them when they read Jimin tried to perform despite his back pain). An ARMY of fans took to Twitter to show Jimin and the rest of BTS that health comes before anything else. They even got #GetWellSoonJimin trending worldwide on Twitter, so they clearly care more about Jimin’s health than they do about any TV show appearance.

Here’s a look at what the BTS fans are tweeting for Jimin right now:

The news of Jimin’s neck and back strain comes just a day after his fellow bandmate Jungkook was also injured. In BigHit Entertainment’s statement about Jungkook’s injury, they explained the details of what happened.

“Jung Kook was lightly stretching in the waiting room when he collided with floor furnishings and suffered an injury to his heel,” the statement read in part. “Medical staff immediately responded and performed the necessary treatment. The opinion of the medical team is that while the injury is not serious, performing choreography may do further damage to the injured area. Following the advice of the medical staff, Jung Kook will take part in the performance tonight but remain seated without choreography.”

So, this is definitely a rough week for BTS. But there’s no doubt that all the guys will bounce back stronger than ever, and it's a good sign that BigHit is giving Jimin and Jungkook both the room to heal.