Hi, Hello, Jason Momoa Wore A Pink Scrunchie At The Oscars & Twitter Is Having A Field Day

by Stephanie Montes
Matt Winkelmeyer/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment

There's no doubt scrunchies are having a major moment, but while most beauty fanatics love wearing them in cute skincare selfies, one place you likely never thought to spot on is on the red carpet. The tweets about Jason Momoa's scrunchie at the 2019 Oscars are setting the Internet on fire, and it's entertaining AF — way better than the commercial breaks, in my opinion. Bring on the memes, funny Gifs, and hilarious screenshots!

Up until recently, your old scrunchie was probably stored in some sticker-covered Caboodle case, tucked away in your childhood closet at your parents' house that you grew up in. But with the resurgence of all things '90s, the fabric-covered hair ties made a strong comeback, even if for a hot second, simultaneously cueing one scrunchie-embellished topknot after another.

And while it sparked some major nostalgia for us '90s babies and made for seriously cute Instagram pics, wearing it on your wrist as an actual accessory hasn't been cool in a long time. And just as it was about to fade away and find itself stashed back in a drawer one more time, it's trending all over again, because it pairs perfectly with Jason Momoa's pink velvet suit.

It's not holding his hair back, and get this, it's actually by Fendi, according to Mashable. Totally casual.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The whole thing was such a great moment, and Twitter couldn't help but chime in.

One Twitter user said, "Jason Momoa having a scrunchie on his wrist during a formal/professional event is the most I've ever related to a celebrity," while another joked, "I'll just be here, waiting for Jason Momoa to put that scrunchie in his hair," and honestly, same!

Have you ever gotten all dressed up (makeup and all) and posed for a picture, not realizing you still have your hair tie on your wrist?

We've all been there, but let's be honest: Momoa rocked this look like no other.

Oh, you thought the scrunchie matched his suit? That's cute! TBH, the suit matched his scrunchie.

In case you're interested in the rest of what Jason Momoa was wearing tonight, the Aquaman actor rocked the red carpet in a blush pink tuxedo designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld, according to E! News, with a black stripe down the sides of the pant legs and a black lapel.

And in case you missed actress and Momoa's wife Lisa Bonet (with all the excitement of Tweeting about the scrunchie), she wore a matching blush gown also by Karl Lagerfeld.

Twitter for the win... yet again!

It's unclear if Jason Momoa ever plans to actually put the scrunchie to work and pull his hair back into a ponytail or topknot, or if it is just meant to be the most talked-about bracelet of the night. Either way, the scrunchie addition might've been the smartest styling decision ever made.

You can wear one too!

All it took was one fabric-covered hair tie — again, a Fendi one, but a scrunchie, nonetheless — to make Momoa one of the major fashion highlights of the night. Keep crushing it, Aquaman.