Everyone Is Freaking Over Instagram & Facebook Being Down On Thanksgiving

Anatoliy Sizov/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

It's Thanksgiving, and there's so much to be thankful for. Between spending time with your family, wearing your best outfit, and ravenously devouring a spectacular holiday spread, there are so many memories in the making. I bet you'd love to create a post about it and share it with all your followers, wouldn't you...? Well, good luck with that, because both Instagram and Facebook are crashing, and naturally, the social media world is in shambles. Luckily, Twitter is coming to the rescue, and these tweets about Instagram & Facebook being down on Thanksgiving 2019 will help you laugh your way through the pain.

There's nothing more frustrating than constantly hitting "refresh" on your favorite social media feed only to find that the problem still hasn't been solved. It totally makes one realize just how easy it is to become addicted to a constant stream of content. But when an app you rely on for a much-needed holiday distraction is down on a major holiday? All bets are off. Unfortunately, I can't offer you a solution to this heinous problem (I'm sorry), but I will say that a viable option for soothing your thumb's desire to keep on scrolling is to head over to Twitter. On Twitter, everyone is turning lemons into some downright hilarious lemonade.

While this is all good fun, you're probably wondering when this problem is actually going to get fixed. While there's no direct answer for that, Instagram has officially sent out a tweet (ironic, I know) that addresses the issue:

As you can imagine, the replies to Instagram's tweet are not having it, but who's honestly surprised about that? The people want to share their turkey pics, Instagram! Or the pie they worked on for hours! Or a super cute Story of their grandma dancing in the kitchen! Get it together!

Luckily, it sounds like Facebook and Instagram are working hard to restore these social media platforms back to their usual glory, so rest assured everything will be solved in due time. Cross your fingers.