ARMYs Are Gushing About BTS' 'Map Of The Soul: Persona' On Twitter, Since It's That Good

by Hollee Actman Becker

Stop whatever you're doing, because BTS' new album is finally here! Map Of The Soul: Persona dropped bright and early on April 12 while many U.S.-based ARMYs were sleeping. Still, fans of the seven-member K-pop group are now losing their minds because Jimin, V, RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, and Jin have done it again. The new release is everything we dreamed it would be, and BTS' ARMY is filled with all the emotion because they were just so ready for this comeback. Seriously, you have to read all the tweets about BTS' Map Of The Soul: Persona album if you haven't already, because they are just such a mood.

Media outlets first started speculating in January that BTS would drop a new album in May, but then fans were alerted on March 11 that the album was actually coming way earlier, on April 12. The big news was confirmed in a press release sent to Elite Daily:

Map Of The Soul: Persona marks the beginning of a new chapter, eight months after the release of Love Yourself: Answer —  the final in the band's storied Love Yourself series.

Now that new chapter is officially here! And from the looks of the tweets blowing up my feed today, it's freaking amazing. Along with the album came the official music video for the immediate hit, "Boy With Luv," and it's clear ARMYs are struggling to figure out where exactly to put their attention. Sure, everyone wants to listen to the full album on loop, but then again, they can't stop watching BTS break it down with Halsey on the set of their "Boy With Luv" music video!

Oh yeah, did I mention there was a collaboration with Halsey? I guess pink is my new favorite color now.

Twitter is all over it as fans devour Map of the Soul: Persona and emphatically tweet about their first and millionth reactions.

You get it.

Before the album's release, many fans were convinced that the word "Persona" was actually a reference to Carl Jung's map of the soul, a psychology theory that states the following:

The persona is the mask or appearance one presents to the world. It is not a pose or some other intentional misrepresentation of the self to others. Rather, it is the self as self-construed, and may change according to situation and context.

So were they right? Let's take a look at the tweets:

Fascinating, right?

As if all of his wasn't enough, all seven of the boys will be appearing as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night, April 13, where they'll perform "Boy With Luv" for the first time. And now that the album is here, who knows what the rest of their game plan is?! It could be any combination of all seven tracks or previous work.

So much BTS, in so little time. but that's exactly the way it should be. Congratulations, BTS! We're all ARMYs with love!